Guilty Peeps

Even the sugary bunnies are dangerously toothsome?

Peeps are made for squishing.

What are the various sizes of the print, and what size(s) of shirt are they used on?

There used to be something like the following for each sale, or on the sizing page, or somewhere obvious:

print 8x10, M XL - WL
print 6x7.5, WL - KS

showing two print sizes, and the size ranges of the shirts they were being used on. I can’t find that information right now.

The guilty peeps wil pay for their gluttony. Plump and smug, they will be the first to be eaten, and they won’t be smiling once their heads have been bitten off. The less than perfect peeps will emerge victorious.

Guilty peeps have got no rhythm…

Lies! The ears get eaten first!

[apparently we can’t use the abbreviation for “oh my g-d”? …dumb] this is adorable. for those who have bought woot shirts in the past, can anyone tell me if the american apparel shirts are thinner/softer? i know thick cotton is supposed to be “quality” but i really don’t care for that look or feel, esp after it’s been in the dryer. any help or photos appreciated.

also, just last night i went down an internet wormhole and came across a comment on a post that said…if you turn these marshmallow bunnies upside down, and slice their ears the long way…presto, marshmallow-y cthulhu!

Not for peeps, that’s for chocolate!

I too dislike the heavier “sandpaper soft” shirts too, so I can vouch that you won’t go wrong with the AA shirts. Just pay attention to the sizing charts before ordering.

All cotton shirts will shrink in the dryer, so most of mine are line dried indoors. If you do use a dryer, the AA shirts do much better than the standard Anvil offering.

thanks very much, narfcake!

I’m sure I’m way out of touch on this, but when did we start having to pay S/H on shirt.woot?

A couple years already. Shirts used to be $12 with free shipping.

For the standard offering, $7 + $5 s/h still equals $12, so no difference unless you’re buying more stuff. Then you’re saving money over the old pricing structure.

Thanks for the explanation. I really am out of touch!

Where did the pink shirts go?

I waited for an answer to my question about design sizes (above). I was willing to pay the extra cost for a non-first-day order. But now, no pink?

I also am wondering where pink & now Blue has gone ?
What gives woot

Hey all. Blue should be added to the catalog later today. Pink is a color that we carry in limited stock and only seasonally. We can’t guarantee stock in that color.

Blue is available now

Would have bought if any color especially if pink I’m overrun with GREEN! Tired of everything on green! Want the pinkkkkk!!!

I sent an email to customer service a couple hours after the sale was over.

I asked about why pink was not available, and whether there may be a spare pink shirt available. (In my imagination, they print a few extra shirts to allow for misprints, and if I could be flexible on size, perhaps one could be found.

I got back a completely unresponsive form email. Very frustrating that what has become horrible customer service (with the exception of people who show up here in the forums) stands between me and the artists who design the shirts, and the employees who curate the designs and the folks who print and ship them.

I counted on the information in the FAQ, and my personal experience to be correct - that shirts remain on sale beyond the first day. In fact, ordering a day or two late has always yielded a screen printed shirt, and not one of the digitally printed shirts which I have had very bad luck with.

Myself and my fiancee were super excited to be getting this shirt for her. She really wanted pink - so many green and blue shirts already.

Now disappointment and incompetent customer service. Yick.