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Ref: Breakdown Gun Case
I bought one of these awhile back and I like it. Just to be clear, you will need to seperate your upper and lower to make them fit in this case. If you have a high mounted optic you may have trouble getting everything to fit. This case just fits my 16 inch upper. If you have an SBR setup its perfect.

Make sure you specify the item you are referring to, considering there is several products in this section.

I have the Hydration pack and all in all it’s ok for the price. The foul plastic taste lingers to this day after several washes, but I suspected this going in. Other than that it is fine.

I bought the Boyt Handgun case during the last woot-off. Mine did not come with the “customizable foam interior” that is listed as a feature. It only had the eggcrate foam inside with two thinner foam layers for the top and bottom.

I got the rifle scabbard as a gift for my brother the last time these came up and it seems like a well-made product. Nice quality material and enough customization in the straps to have a bit of flexibility.

Twice now I have missed the parachute blanket. Hope you bring it back again Woot! …

We like to surprise you when you’re least expecting it. And maybe sometimes when you are expecting it. :slight_smile:

I just recieved the MG-12318 Breakdown Gun Case and to my surprise it was green and not tan like the picture would lead me to believe. Can you please exchange it for the tan one?

Your best bet is to email Woot Member Services with your order number and user name. They can go over any options that are available.

Got the Firefield FF13039 Mini Red Laser Sight with Pistol Trigger Guard Mount…

Nice to have, price is great, but the product is just “ok”

I had to file down the center bolt that holds it together because it hits the “on/off” button… it screws so far into the laser that it kept the button from sliding (If you attempt to modify the little bolt, be very careful not to mess up the threads.)

In this pic, that would be where the center hole (in the bottom of the clamp) attaches to the back of the laser assembly.

Does the mouth piece leak any? I have one that leaks and even though it is only a drip at a time, it is very annoying.

Sightmark SM13034K AT5G Green Laser - Be aware the laser described in the manual is NOT what you will get! There is supposed to be a notch in the mount and laser so they will consistently align but apparently they “improved” the thing. The mount in now longer so it covers part of the battery cap and makes it impossible to unscrew. Consequently, you will lose your zero if you ever replace or remove the battery for storage. Compare the mount from the sightmark website (top) and the Woot page (bottom)

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