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I’m looking for a scope for my .22, which one of these 6x42 would be a better deal considering they’re both the same price. which one is better???


well the diffrence is what reticle are you looking for.

The one with the P4 Reticle looks like this.

The Range finding reticle looks like this.

Visim is made by NC star so the reticles should be similar.

As you are looking at a putting it on a .22 most shots will most likely not be past 100 yards on targets of known size.

So I personally would go with the P4 as it is closer to the Mildot I am used to.

The range finding reticle is better for IDPA sized targets at unknown range.

I’d love to pick up a shooting stick but it doesn’t say the max extension height. Don’t want another sitting stick but instead need a standing one. NOBODY online seems to say either…

Sorry about that vfr. If you are referring to the Yukon Outfitters Shooting Stick, 33" collapsed and 73" fully extended.

thanks for your reply, unfortunately i’m too late as it is already sold out. well I guess i’ll stick around until next time.

The blurb on the front page still says “responsibily”. I am amused.

I was really impressed with the quality of VISM. Will be buying more from this company.