Gun Cases & Sights

Most of these Yukon Outfitters bags are direct copies of the more expensive Maxpedtion bags. Don’t let that scare you off though, they are practically the same quality, have the same features, and are half the cost.

Been looking for something like this but can’t find any reviews. I’ll trust your assessment

Anybody familiar with the MG-5076? I can’t find any reviews. Thanks.

Anyone know if these are waterproof? Can’t seem to find anything that says if they are or aren’t

do you mean the cases? because we’ve listed whether those are waterproof under the “features” for those products.

if you mean the material of the packs, then we can confirm that those are not waterpoof.

let us know if you have any additional questions.

More photos of the backpacks would be nice. Kinda hard to judge the size and quantity of pockets of a backpack based on one photo of the front.

I agree, my mouse is hovering over the MG-5033 but without more pictures it’s hard to press the button.

How are these Boyt cases compared with a brand like Pelican? (H11, H20)

I did mean the packs… thanks.

Hello Obeyadapt,

These bags are not technically waterproof but they are water resistant. They’ll protect your hardware if you get caught out in the rain, but not really against prolonged showers. Hope that this helps!

Is there a website with any more information about these bags at all? There are a couple I’d be interested in, but I want some more info on them first.

Can we expect a ton of weed to be in one of the gun cases?

wow in one woot session I can buy a 70" TV and a gun case. God bless America.

Anyone know if the Tactical Alpha backpack has side pockets of any kind? I was thinking about picking one up to use as a 3 day bag/emergency kit.

I got the overwatch bag the last go around and I’m very pleased. I haven’t run it through its paces, but I’m thinking about a second one-- one as an emergency bag and one as my coaching bag-- fits everything perfectly.

I disagree. I own several Maxpedition items including the Kodiak Gearslinger and I’ve handled some 5.11 Tactical gear. I can tell you just by looking at the photos that there is a marked difference in both construction and quality.

The MG-5032 (the Gearslinger clone, and a shameless one at that) has several immediately obvious differences:

  • It’s clear from the way the fabric sits: Maxpedition uses heavier fabric which is thicker and stiffer and thus has a less “topographic” texture/fewer folds. The difference between the 1000D nylon that Maxpedition uses and the 600D fabric this stuff uses is significant.
  • The top and side grab handles are thinner and use thinner padding.
  • The round water bottle container on the side appears to be fully circular and only sewn on to the rear seam as opposed to being a more semi-circular shape attached both front and rear thus providing more strength and stability.
  • The waist strap buckle is definitely lighter weight

The MG-5033 is a ripoff of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 back. It also clearly uses that lighter weight 600D nylon rather than the 1050D that 5.11 uses. Without additional photos it’s impossible to determine what else is different.

Not having handled these products I can’t make a legitimate comparison but I’m completely confident in saying that they are not the same quality as either Maxpedition or 5.11. Of course, they are also 1/3 the cost so…there ya go.

For what it’s worth, if I didn’t already have one, I’d might buy one for use as a simple storage/lightweight bug out bag for my car or some other place where it wouldn’t be carried often. But I wouldn’t even consider using one as an every day carry bag - not a chance.

Nearly identical in form, construction and overall feel. Mine is similar to the h2o pistol case. sturdy, and was rather highly rated on Cabela’s site.

Main difference between the Boyt cases and Pelican cases were the latches. Butterfly on the boyt are strudy like any roadcase, pelican are sturdy compound lever type latches. Both have the vent valve and are on the heavy side. The Boyt are worth the value I feel.

Will the “Tactical Rifle Scabbard” handle an A2-carry handle AR with a milspec 20" barrel?

Also, is there room for it to fit the gun with a VFG?
The case looks very interesting, and I"m thinking of getting it pretty much as a range bag, as well as a SHTF grab-n-go setup.

I have the 5032 from a previous Woot, and while it is a lighter fabric, it’s still quite high quality.

The round water bottle container has straps and can be woven in to the MOLLE webbing on either side or removed entirely.

There is no waist strap buckle, there’s a shoulder buckle for the main strap, and one that goes from the right corner to mid-way on the shoulder strap to stabilize it.

The pockets, pouches, and fabric are quite well made, and it looks like there are more options than I could possibly use.

It’s an awesome bag at a great value, and I’m going to buy another if it’s still around after I get back from vacation.