Gun Cases and Safes

So has Woot totally given up on taking their own product photographs? They used to have such excellent product images, and now it’s just a single random low-res shot from the manufacturer.

Any chance we could see the latches on these cases? The interior? The hinge design? Things that would make this case worth $85.

Yeah, sorry. Some vendors only supply us with their own art instead of samples.

Here are the reviews:

There aren’t too many reviews to be found on the vault, but what I found has convinced me to pass.

It looks like amazon has the pistol safe for $67 shipped, but the reviews are pretty sad.

Several users were able to pry the door open quickly with little effort. Others said the door would fling open by simply dropping the safe. Others said the keypad and/or key would stop working after a while and it would take several minutes to unlock the safe legitimately.

Sounds like if you want a false sense of security, this is a good bet at $50. But if you actually want to protect against unwanted access by kids, burglars, or your crazy cousin Craig (ie, the true purpose of a safe), while still having quick access when you need it most, look elsewhere.

Hey now…I’m not that crazy!

regarding the hard case: Here are some inside pics, does not have pluck able foam.

Thanks for the reviews! I was about to take the plunge but decided against it…

Exactly what I came here to say. I need more pictures before I can make an informed decision.

I just wanted to say there are more reliable options out there. When it came time to secure my handgun due to a child in the house I did tons of research on a safe, secure, and reliable option. I would not trust anything electronic in this case. You may never need it, but the moment you do, you want it to do it’s job.

Does anyone have a case sized similar to the H20? I’m looking for a 5-6 pistol solution to take to the range. Thanks, Jack

Wondering what you decided was the best? Seems like all the gun safes always have bad reviews, I’d appreciate anyone pointing me in a solid direction!

I’m in for the carbine hard case. perfect size for one of my rifles, and I don’t care if it doesnt have pick-and-pluck foam, I’m no stranger to some customization.

Nuts, I was looking for a safe and it’s already sold out!

Realistically it’s very hard to find a handgun safe that will protect against anything but cursory attempts to open it, but it’s better than nothing. At least this one appears to have a tubular lock…

I’d get the shotgun case if it didn’t have someone else’s name on it!

I’m in for 3 of the H48’s. These are quality products to the equivalent level of Pelican case. hopefully that helps. I personally like the latch system on these more than Pelican cases

the category is Gun Cases and “Safes” plural, but there’s only the one safe. I was hoping there’d be more safe options than that. What a letdown

Too bad this one sold out so fast. Can you bring on some more?

I agree, need more safes. I was so excited, as our baby is becoming mobile, but was such a let down. If only I had gotten up at 1:20am, I may have gotten one.