Gun Cases & Targets

“Firearms NOT included”

Oh, SURE! NOW you tell us…

I have the shooting star, works as advertised. I’ve shot it with a .22 and 9mm.
I saw the pyramid in a clearance pile at Walmart for $22 or $24. It’s still there.

The boyt cases feel like they could take a great deal of punishment. My ‘single’ is big enough to fit one compact semi (+mag) and revolver, and I don’t even have to cut the foam.

Can someone give me the info on the foam, is it a solid block that you cut to your specs or is it pre cut?

Got my spin cycle target this week and used it today for the first time. Very durable and well worth the money. I have the 9mm/30.06 version and it took a beating from several rifles and handguns. Targets need a pretty decent impact to spin and it wouldn’t hurt to grease the axles so it spins easier.

It comes with solid layers of foam. Directions say to chalk your outline and then cut. 2 gun case is huge, could probably fit 8 magazines in with 2 handguns.

Sweet Thanks