Gun Sights and Optics

According to the stats it looks like you had one of them. Was that even worth typing up the description and taking pics?

It looked pretty cool I might have bought one if there were more than one.

Sightmark SM13003B Sure Shot Reflex Sight is junk do not buy. I got one on a previous woot. I mounted it and it will not stay sighted in. POS!

Contact their customer service department. Texas based, they are very consumer oriented and will help you out. I had a problem with a laser sight bought here at woot, and the folks at sightmark fixed me right up.

Just took delivery - wow. Huge improvement over the cheapos I’ve been using. Very bright, great depth of focus. I used mine eagle-viewing over the weekend and the view is wide enough to pick up rapidly-moving objects in the air. They feel solid. Shoulder harness included. Nice.