Gun Sights & Optics

I was at Shootersworld up in Tampa a few weeks back shooting in the 100yard indoor range and the guy in the next lane had one of these Mini Red Lasers with Barrel Mount on his AR15.

It was absolutely comical watching his laser deviate from a straight line to where his laser started pointing at my lane’s target, even though he was aiming at his target.

Why was this happening?

These lasers that mount to the barrel are just a foolish product, as the barrel heats up, high heat and plastic are a bad combination.

His laser mount just melted. Pretty funny if you ask me.

I wish these came in some color that was less scary than black. Thankfully there’s no shoulder thing that goes up either.

One of the reflex sights comes in camo! And since camo = hunting (the only valid use for guns, nevermind that target shooting is less violent), that means the camo must be less scary, right? Right??

I think it’s the brand. I have StreamLight TL2-HL and that thing is accurate as hell, not to mention no melting, yet.

Buy it and paint it whatever color you like.

Is the lower rail on the Sightmark SM13037 Triple Duty CRL Laser Sight removeable?

The web site picture shows it without a lower rail, the web site says the lower rail is “new for 2010”.

I couldn’t download the user manual from either source, the download kept freezing.

These are not supposed to be mounted to the barrel and should instead be mounted to a picatinny rail with the included clamp (see the pic).

If mounted correctly, nothing will melt and the device should stay securely in place.

With that being said, you get what you pay for. These will not take the abuse of repeated recoil from “real” firearms and will over time lose zero, and eventually stop working.

These would be great for anyone who’s into Airsoft however, and these can work well in that application.

I apologize for the delay. I just heard back from the manufacturer that the rail is not removable.