Gun Sights & Optics

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I’m all for optics and lasers on rifles, but I think on pistols you will begin to rely on them after a while and will loose the ability to use the iron sights.

So, what kind of guns are these for? Rifles, hand guns? It never really explains to a neophyte gun owner like myself. How do you know if they will work with the gun you have?

The Sight Mark Ultra Shot and Sure Shot are a good size for rifles and shotguns. If you buy the minishot pro–not offered at this time–it would work on both long guns and pistols with a scope rail.
I would check out a few reviews of the lasers on other websites, they are enlightening.
Also, don’t expect to hunt with a laser, that is illegal in many states.

In my opinion, the red dots are good for about 100 yards, and I prefer them over lasers.

I completely disagree. Laser sights are amazing tools for training new shooters on how iron sights actually work. Give a new person a gun with 100 rounds and their accuracy will only increase a tad over their first few shots since they will understand the recoil… give that same person a laser on the gun and they will see how the gun actually moves when they pull the trigger and will learn how their tiny movements really do change where the bullet is going to land.

Only a person who hasn’t used a laser on a pistol would feel it is a bad thing across the board.

I agree with your sentiment about handgun lasers being useful for training. The Crimson Trace laser grips on my S&W 642 J-frame were a huge help for dry fire practice to learn to overcome it’s beast of a double-action only trigger pull. You can see plain as day the laser dot jerk a foot to the right on the wall if you are jerking the trigger at the last moment.