GUND Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal

GUND Teddy Bear Baby Stuffed Animal

Now, I thought at first that this was a decent buy. Although, I realized this version isn’t the talking bear so save your money for the talking bear your little one will enjoy it much more.

Carefully remove the stuffing.
Place this inside

Stitch in back up.
Donate to Goodwill.


This is SOLD OUT! Take it away, or put a SOLD OUT banner across it!


Tried to purchase this yesterday, and again today, since it was still up and showing - thought perhaps you got more in. As I really wanted to purchase it for my niece, please help reduce any frustration by removing it or marking as sold out. Thx! :bear:

Not if you go all the way to checkout


This is one of the many item which show availability, but when you go to check out, it says that the item is out of stock.

@ThunderThighs has been walking around kicking various servers for these items.

Yep, I’m resaving them as y’all point them out. I did a hunt and search yesterday for some. Found none.

I resaved this one so it should show sold out now.

Good news is they turned off the feature that was causing the problem.