Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

I’ve spoken to Woot customer service back and forth all day, and they still won’t send me the Crystalline pair that I ordered. They have stated there is an error with the item code associated with the Crystalline lenses. I can send them back, but they warn me I may get Amber again. Why are they continuing to put the Crystalline lenses up for sale if they’re just going to send the Amber versions?

Luckier than I was. I ordered the Crystalline ones a week ago, received Amber instead, and then was told they couldn’t swap those for the proper ones since they didn’t have any left, so I just had to take the refund. Oh well…

I don’t know. It’s frustrating to know they have them in stock, they just won’t send them to me. I’ll just take the discount. First world problems. That being said, I am honestly happy with them. My eyes feel great after a day of working on a pc all day and then using one at home for leisure. A lot of people will call bs on this, but I have noticed an increase in my game after using them. It sounds silly, but its the honest truth.

I’ve posted about these recently. I ordered a pair of these with prescription lenses, and they should finally be arriving later today. The non-Rx pair I tried was very nice, it seemed well-made and did not have any lens defects like mentioned above. Gunnar customer support has been fantastic. Other acquaintances seem to like their (non-Rx) Gunnars, for what that’s worth. I’ll comment after I receive mine if there’s anything interesting to share about them.

how irony is that we got to spend even more than $25 to get a case… in my homeland…

Hi, Woot staff. I was wondering that did anybody ever noticed there was a problem with the pictures in the second item named “Gunnar Optiks Regent Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Mercury”? In that page, the first photo dispalying the item obviously differs from the second and the third ones. So would you please tell me that which one is right for the item itself? Coz i’m really confused…

BTW, this wasn’t the first time for this issue to occured——it happened in the last sales event of these otpics, same problem on the same item. So i assumed you guys just simply “copy” the last bazaar and post it here, nothing’s ever changed a bit, right? But why didn’t you just extand the last sales event instead? I’m totally lost…

[MOD: Fixed. Thanks!]

Same here. I ordered Phenom in Crystalline, and I got amber. Customer service tells me that they have no more Crystalline in stock and the only options I was given was to keep the glasses and get a $6 refund or RMA them for a “full” refund (although I doubt I’ll get my $5 shipping back).

This was over the weekend, and I haven’t even had a chance to ship the order back, and I come here this morning to find that the item I wanted is magically back in stock. WHAT?!?

In case it’s not obvious, I’m more than a little ticked-off at Woot right now. How can you tell me, after YOU messed up, that you don’t have the item in stock, and then put that same item up for sale a few days later?

I’ve been using Woot for close to a decade now, having bought dozens of items over the years, and I have to say that customer service seems to have really gone downhill. After this, I’m not sure Woot will have anymore business from me. What do they care, though? They’ve grown into vast crap selling empire since I started, especially since being bought out by Amazon. I just think they forgot that it’s the customers who made that happen.

Wow, that rant ended up being much longer than I expected.

I ordered the Crystalline Wi-Five ones a few weeks ago, and received Amber ones instead. Submitted a ‘problem with my order’ request, and received no contact until about 6 days, in which they just send a UPS label for the RMA. I reply asking if they will send the correct product - no reply.

I see these - a different frame - on sale, in crystalline, and somehow think it’s a good idea to try my luck again. Received in Amber once again. Sent an email to support@woot, with the order numbers from both purchases on 9/16 - still have not received a reply.

Honestly just want to see if the clear lenses will help with eye strain. I tried the amber ones and they seemed to help after a full day of excel work.

I remember when Woot had great customer service - many years ago…

bulwinkol: I’m sorry for the problems with the order. One Amazon warehouse (our inventory) mixed different models. Argh.

I’ll let CS know that you have another question.

Appreciate the acknowledgement. So will CS reach out to me to ship the correct product to me, or just to say sorry?

I don’t have the answer to that as I’m not in CS. Sorry. :frowning:

We quality post negative reviews all the time. We just don’t have as much time to do quality posts in the Plus events. Watch the daily events though.

At the time you asked, we may not have had stock. We don’t maintain an inventory.

That’s all you’re going to get. A discount, a “chance” at the correct item should you swap, or a refund. Yet they continue to advertise the Crystallines for sale.

good luck trying to get your item. If they “accidentally” run out…they don’t notify you…you just have to wait until it doesn’t show up, and then 4 e-mails later, get a stupid apology and a refund. no raincheck, no compensation for lost time.

Yep - I’m in the same boat. Ordered the Phenom Graphite with Crystalline lenses and received amber. I just emailed Woot and we’ll see what happens. Hope I can get the clear lenses…

Thank you so much for the f.lux tip! I downloaded it and my eyes got immediate relief from the harsh glare of Office 2013. Best tip ever!!!

I haven’t seen anyone post hard info on the lenses yet, so I’ll share:

Generally Gunnar lenses have a +0.25 diopter, though I have seen reviews where people have taken the lenses in to an optician with equipment for measuring the lens and reported figures up to about +0.33.

It’s not magic, nor is it a total scam. A low magnification combined with a very light color filter does provide mild reduction in common eye strain for people with 20/20 vision who sit close to a relatively high resolution monitor.

Cheaper and possibly better options can be had from Foster Grant’s computer line, or just look online at the usual venues for +0.50 readers with anti-glare coating. Those usually run about half the price of Gunnars, with a more pronounced effect.

Ordered clear lenses 3 times in the past month… got amber lenses all 3 times. Must be some kind of record?

Order number 3 arrived for me today, but I had pretty low expectations that they would get my order right anyway.

Now debating whether or not to send it back for the third time. Anyone know if woot refunds shipping costs too?

Wow - these are some pretty awesome stories in horrible customer service. You guys have way more patience than I have.

You’re telling me that given their mistake they can’t send an actual person to check the lens color before shipping replacements? If they don’t refund you 100% + shipping I’d seriously consider calling my CC and getting the charges reversed.