Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

I don’t have the answer to that as I’m not in CS. Sorry. :frowning:

We quality post negative reviews all the time. We just don’t have as much time to do quality posts in the Plus events. Watch the daily events though.

At the time you asked, we may not have had stock. We don’t maintain an inventory.

That’s all you’re going to get. A discount, a “chance” at the correct item should you swap, or a refund. Yet they continue to advertise the Crystallines for sale.

good luck trying to get your item. If they “accidentally” run out…they don’t notify you…you just have to wait until it doesn’t show up, and then 4 e-mails later, get a stupid apology and a refund. no raincheck, no compensation for lost time.

Yep - I’m in the same boat. Ordered the Phenom Graphite with Crystalline lenses and received amber. I just emailed Woot and we’ll see what happens. Hope I can get the clear lenses…

Thank you so much for the f.lux tip! I downloaded it and my eyes got immediate relief from the harsh glare of Office 2013. Best tip ever!!!

I haven’t seen anyone post hard info on the lenses yet, so I’ll share:

Generally Gunnar lenses have a +0.25 diopter, though I have seen reviews where people have taken the lenses in to an optician with equipment for measuring the lens and reported figures up to about +0.33.

It’s not magic, nor is it a total scam. A low magnification combined with a very light color filter does provide mild reduction in common eye strain for people with 20/20 vision who sit close to a relatively high resolution monitor.

Cheaper and possibly better options can be had from Foster Grant’s computer line, or just look online at the usual venues for +0.50 readers with anti-glare coating. Those usually run about half the price of Gunnars, with a more pronounced effect.

Ordered clear lenses 3 times in the past month… got amber lenses all 3 times. Must be some kind of record?

Order number 3 arrived for me today, but I had pretty low expectations that they would get my order right anyway.

Now debating whether or not to send it back for the third time. Anyone know if woot refunds shipping costs too?

Wow - these are some pretty awesome stories in horrible customer service. You guys have way more patience than I have.

You’re telling me that given their mistake they can’t send an actual person to check the lens color before shipping replacements? If they don’t refund you 100% + shipping I’d seriously consider calling my CC and getting the charges reversed.

I’m in the same boat as everyone else here, I ordered 3 Crystallines and got 3 Ambers. Still waiting on customer support to get back to me on this.

It’s truly a bummer as these where going to be gift for my co-workers on completing a huge job last week. (We are graphic designers so the amber ones are useless.)

I ordered a pair of the crystalline glasses on the twelfth, and they sent amber, when I asked for them to return them for the correct pair, they told me the best they could do is return them and me try to order the correct pair again…So I did, and I received another pair with the amber lenses. Unfortunately, their service matches their prices…cheap…I have had similar issues in the past, and it looks like I have finally learned my lesson with these glasses.

So what’s the difference supposed to be between the yellow tint, clear tint, or amber tint? Any ideas?

Those that got the wrong color on the Crystaline glasses:

Please accept our apologies. We are stumped as to what’s going on. We’ve had all the Amazon warehouses (our inventory) do multiple bin checks and they come back that the inventory is correct.

We’ll continue looking into it if it happens this time.

If you received the wrong ones, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

The biggest difference is the tint, but the effects are the same. They reduce eye strain and enhance the screen.

  • Graphic Designers / CG Artist / Gamers should go with Crystalline so it doesn’t alter the color.

  • Programmers / those who write or don’t need to look at color should go with the amber.

Being a Front End Developer I have to compare and contrast static designs. I end up having to take them off often. I ended up ordering a pair of Crystalline glasses, but received the wrong lenses :(. Woot is issuing a refund, but wish I could just replace it for Crystalline.

Hope this helps.

I thought I’d put in my two cents. I bought a pair to try out when woot sold Gunner glasses earlier this year, and I have noticed some reduction in eye strain. I wore them religiously when I had to spend long hours staring at a computer for my office job (15+ hour days, at times) and then go home to write my thesis during nights and weekends. I had NONE of my old eyestrain-related headaches during that time. Could be the placebo effect, but I am ordering another pair to keep at home. (I’ve been keeping the original pair at the office lately.)

For background, I have a decently strong contact lens prescription, which has been working fine with the yellow tinted lenses. Don’t be afraid that you’ll look dumb. Once you explain what they are, people tend to understand and possibly buy some themselves (at least, in my workplace…).

Mcleodweb… is correct regarding color work, however the amber lenses provide a higher level of relief because the amber coating filters out the stress-producing blue wavelengths. That’s also why the amber lenses cause a change in the colors and why they shouldn’t be used by those working with color critical applications. Also, I believe the terms “yellow” and “amber” are being used interchangeably with both referring to the same lenses.

I use the RPG’s with amber lenses most of the time however I have to use my Phenom’s with the clear/crystalline lenses when doing illustration or photo retouching because color accuracy is critical. I receive tremendous benefit from my Gunnar’s however many apparently don’t. There is no doubt in my mind that the high quality Zeiss lenses, the multi-layer coatings and the lenses’ geometry each provide a benefit however I think each person’s facial geometry and physiology plays a big part in the benefits they receive.

My eyes feel so much better after hours at the computer since I began using Gunnar glasses. They don’t dry out and itch like they used to and they feel so much less tired after long sessions than they did before. And, for me, the slight magnification makes images sharper and definitely helps with text. An earlier comment mentioned they thought the lenses were cheaply made but Gunnar uses Zeiss lenses which are noted by many, especially professional photographers, as being superior lenses with an excellent reputation that usually demand a premium price.

Thanks for the replies, mcleodwebdev and willyone!

Yeah, I think at a different angle on some of the glasses, the yellow tint looked a bit darker, so I thought it was a third style. Whoops!

I’m still considering buying one of the clear version. I have a nice IPS screen that I play games on, and I’m not sure how I feel about losing all the nice colors through a yellow tint…

Would you say that it is safe to order now and we can expect to get the right color?

They’ve done 2 bin checks in all warehouses where they check 10% of the inventory. This includes opening the boxes to be sure of what’s inside. Both checks came back with the correct items.

Please, I hope so.