Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

Just a comment about your concern … as far as saturation, colors look fine with the amber lenses, they just don’t convey the original tints and hues accurately. It’s not as though amber lenses cause an image to appear monochromatic. I only use my crystalline Phenoms where color accuracy is crucial but, because the amber lenses filter out just the stress-producing blue wavelengths, I use my amber RPG’s for everything else knowing the accuracy of the original colors are compromised. However in my case, that fact doesn’t seem to lessen my enjoyment. If your concern was color accuracy then I wouldn’t be commenting however it sounds like you feel the slight change in colors might lessen your enjoyment significantly but, if you were able to try a pair before buying, I’m not sure you would find the result to be a game changer.

I just got mine today… wish I would’ve read this forum first, because like many others I ordered Crystalline (on Sep 25) and received Amber. I am a graphic designer and need the Crystalline.

How reassuring that they say they fixed the problem and checked the warehouse. Obviously they haven’t. And being that this isn’t just a one-time/one-customer problem, it really does make one wonder about their customer service.

This is my first time using Woot, and unless they come through with flying colors on a fix, this will be my last.

Drat. This is a different model than the last problem, I think. And it’s not a CS problem. It’s a problem with the way the way they were received into inventory.

I’ll let the buying team know.

Got my Phenoms today. Amber as well. :confused:

I just got mine today. Mine are also amber which won’t work with what I need to do for my job. I have reached out to customer service - very disappointed given this was my first Woot purchase.

So the last time these were available, I ordered the Crystalline lenses and received Amber. After reading these discussion boards and the Woot staff assuring everyone that the problem has been fixed, I ordered another Crystalline pair. Well, to my complete lack of surprise, another Amber pair arrived. And just like everyone else who ordered Crystalline and received Amber, the label on the box clearly says Amber.

This is beyond ridiculous. Last time, support wouldn’t offer a replacement for the correct one, and I highly doubt they will this time.

Same thing here. They supposedly did a bin check of inventory and still can’t get it right. The pair I received was a second attempt from the same Woot offer to get the correct lenses. At least this time the box didn’t lie and say Crystalline with amber lenses inside. They just flat-out sent the wrong item. Ridiculous.