Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

Bought the SteelSeries Desmo last week, and it arrived earlier this week. Love it. It really does work.

A note: This model – SteelSeries Desmo – has slightly wider than normal pupil distance, and so happens to match mine, while the rest of the models are about 10mm narrower than the average PD size.

wondering how I’d go about getting this deal with prescription if at all possible.

another concern i have is I’ve always wanted a pair of gunnars but the prescription of my glasses is very high and I haven’t found any information about if this would affect the glasses and/or the order when purchasing.

We don’t offer a prescription option but you can contact Gunnar to find out what frames will accept a prescription lens.

There’s more information on their site.

Has the issue with the Phenom Crystalline lenses been resolved with this new posting (Amber lenses sent instead)? I would really love to order the Crystalline lenses, but do not want to go through that customer service nightmare again. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for that. As best as we can tell, the people at the Amazon warehouse (our inventory) are receiving them incorrecly. I don’t have information on whether that’s been resolved yet.

I’ve been curious and keep forgetting to ask but since these are still glasses, do you have to have regular ones in real life that you wear all the time to be able to get these? I don’t wear glasses but I’ve been interested in maybe getting these since I’m almost always on a computer and especially since I do a lot of tv/movie streaming with the lights off.

They sent me the yellow lens version as well and I had ordered clear. They gave me the option of 15% off and I keep them or I can send them back for full refund. I really want to try the clear ones as graphic design is tough through colored lenses. Not sure what I’m gonna do yet.

Their customer service is fine though. It just sucks not to be able to talk to a person on the phone. But I get it. It’s a waste of time and money paying kids to get yelled at by angry customers when they can just do it all over email.

FYI…there was previous thread with these products that had several reviews (including mine) that basically said these work a tiny bit but probably aren’t worth the money ($25 would feel like such a better price point). Also, the package engineer clearly hates you and wants to (1) waste as much plastic as possible and (2) for you to cut your hands a LOT.

The previous thread also had a TON of posts about a complete clusterf* surrounding the shipping and poor customer service of the wrong color lens being sent.

I don’t know if this is a reposting to “clear away” those comments or if this is just a second, back-to-back offering of the exact same stuff…either way, it’s worth hunting it down before buying.

Do you have issues with the Wi-Five Espresso Full Rim - Crystalline as well or just the Phenoms?
I want to order the Wi-Five Crystallines, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the wrong ones again.

As I understand it, the current problem is with the Regent & Phenom.

If you knew there is an issue, why did you continue to sell them?

I just this morning received my pair of phenoms, supposed to be crystalline, but instead arrived in amber.

My first woot purchase, probably my last.

I’ve contacted support, it’s been a few hours, no word back.

Why are these items being listed on woot without them even being able to even confirm if the correct product will ship?

Please try to understand the frustration. I am now waiting weeks for a refund, when in reality I should be receiving a replacement with the correct item I ordered.

I agree. They have sold out the problematic ones until the problem is sorted out.

now we wait

Yup . … same here. Ordered the crystalline and got amber . . . a big deal if working on animation / graphic design. Why is Woot selling these with out first correcting the issue from a few weeks ago. . . I saw some of the same comments when I ordered and figured well, it can’t happen to too many people but I thought WRONG. Don’t make the same mistake unless you are willing to go through customer service ordeal . .

I ordered Wi-Five crystalline. On the website it says

Internal hidden springs flex to ergonomically fit a wide variety of head shapes "

But it doesnt have any springs. I am not happy to know that after the product is in my hands. I really wanted ones with springs. I could have ordered a different model if i knew this did not have springs. As having springs was one of my priority.

I kind of feel cheated because of this.

For what it’s worth, I own the RPG w/amber lenses and the Phenom w/crystalline lenses and, even though no springs are visible on either frame, if I spread the temples wider than their neutral position they both exert a force to return to their neutral positions. The temples spread from the hinge without involving the lenses’ frame, so something is pulling the temples back to their neutral position. I therefore have to assume there are springs of some sort involved. Since they say they are “internal” and “hidden” I would assume they exist and are responsible for the “return action” I experience. If they didn’t have springs, the temples would remain spread when released until manually returned to their neutral position.

Obviously, the fact I own two pair shows I’m a fan. I believe a user’s eye physiology and facial structure accounts for why some experience significant benefits from using Gunnar glasses while others don’t. Being a fan and a member of the former camp, I hope you will be too!

I can tell you the answer is no. I got my “crystalline” yesterday and they’re definitely amber. Sending mine back tomorrow. So very disappointed.

I also find it very humorous that one customer was told they could get a 15% off coupon and keep the order where I was offered a 10% off coupon. At least there is consistency…

Also, I’m really not sure how this problem is even happening because the package I got had a sticker on the box that CLEARLY said the color of the lenses were amber.

Get it together Woot!