Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

I gave the “Penta Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Mercury” as a gift to a good friend a couple of years ago and he swears by them saying that they completely eliminate eyestrain and headaches he was experiencing while spending many hours per day looking at his 24" monitor. I just wish that they were available in some common reading glasses diopters for those of us in need. You can order them in Rx from the Gunner website but they run from $186.99 through to $349.99 + the visit to the eye doctor. Pretty costly for “cheaters” even if they are Gunner Optiks.

Add another who would buy if they were bifocal (if that’s the right term for non-prescription uppers with cheater lowers)

Well…I prefer to buy Steel Series Scope Eyewear, If the event will begin, please email me~

If these are really helpful, I’d consider buying a pair of…clipons. Seriously, don’t they know most computer geeks are massively myopic and have glasses already?

I have a pair of Rx, and they do help quite a bit with strain and dryness. I work on the computer all day and have allergies, so my eyes tear up a bit to the point I need to use artificial tear drops. With the Gunnars I rarely have to use drops and my eyes feel less tired.

This really works Ive tried it and it sure does help with eye strains