Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Everytime I see Gunnars on Woot i get excited and look to see if maybe they’ll have them with reading glass prescriptions. Maybe some day.

They do actually have them, but you need to order them directly from Gunnar Optics site.

I ordered a pair of these the last time they were on, and wow. End of the iritis I’ve been dealing with for the past year. One skeptic, converted.

I just ordered another pair to keep at work.

Do these do anything for overhead flourescent lighting that’s a tad too bright? And is there any difference between their amber tint and an amber tint from say, Zenni optical or the like?

I see that the Wi-Five Espresso and the Gunnar Gaming are using the same image. Looking it up it seems the Wi-Five is correct, so does anyone know what the Gunnar Gaming ones really look like?

Looking at it, it looks like the Gunnar Gaming sale was incomplete. We’re selling it out for now.

Really want to get a pair since I work with websites and code all week… but I’ll probably wait for the crystalline lens to go on sale. I feel that the amber lens, while still effective, would definitively cause some discoloration while working with a website design. Having to take them on/off while working with a design would be tedious if I’m using them at work anyways.

Did someone say, “geoduck”? (insert picture of cute kid holding geoduck)

When I first got them I thought it might be fun to try as a novelty. But now that I have them they make a huge difference. I wear mine constantly now because I have to keep the overhead fluorescent lights on. When I wear them I can keep my eyes wide open (no squinting from extreme brightness) and I am leaning back in my chair rather than hunching over.

They take a little getting used to but after that initial break in stage I love them.

You may want a bigger cleaning cloth as they attract fingerprints.