Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Anybody else notice how these gaming glasses keep getting relisted at lower and lower prices? They can’t give them away.

Yes, I was a Woot! sucker and got the SteelSeries Desmo Onyx/Orange - HUGE waste of $50+S&H. They made high quality monitors glare and actually caused eye strain where there was none before. YMMV

Caveat Emptor!

I’m a programmer, so I spend 8+ hours a day staring at a screen. I missed the sale last time so I picked up a pair of Sheadogs straight from Gunnar’s site. I don’t notice any blurriness on my 24" 1080p monitor or on my four other 19" 4:3’s.

I also notice that when I forget to put them on, I regret it within 20 minutes.

My only gripe is that there is no anti-scratch film on the lenses so they get smudges wayyyyyyyyyyy, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy. So I bought a case for them. Problem solved.