Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Will gunnar optiks advanced outdoors glasses ever be available again?

Not sure but I’ll pass your wish along.

you guys have the wifive listed twice for 2 different prices

Woot! Why were these MOAR expensive during the recent Woot Off?! You depress me with your tactics.

Gunnar Scope Snow Computer Glasses
Sold by Woot
Condition:New Quantity: 1 @ $44.99 $149.00 70% off list price

Comments were made by a co-worker of mine about these not being “real” due to the price. I have never had a problem with woot before when it comes to this stuff but I’ve been hearing stuff about amazon selling fake ray bans and now this has got me thinking…

These are definitely authentic Gunnars. We’ve sold them numerous times and people love them.

Dang. I paid $44.99 when they were on sale around two weeks ago. Next time I’ll have to wait so I can get them cheaper.

Will you be getting the crystalline style lens Gunnars anytime in the future?

Not sure but I’ll let the buyer know you’re interested.