Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

For anyone that has weird shaped ears (myself included) don’t go for the Scope Snow.

The wide tip of the frame/temple/socket bothers my right ear because apparently I sleep on that one too much so I have less space for a thick frame.

At least you benefit from interchangeable sockets with this model if the thickness doesn’t bother.

Do these glasses help at all , anyone have any feedback ?

I have blurry eyes all the time if staying long staring at the PC screen. Don’t know if these work at all or it’s just another cool looking thing ?


I have some Gunnars and I find they really do help with eye strain. They also help by creating a barrier for decreased air circulation to keep your eyes from drying out. I enjoy the slight magnification as well.

I’ve read about how blue light keeps you awake so I’m assuming this also is bad for your eyes and causes strain, and that the yellow filtering helps with that. The least that will happen is that they will help a little and not a lot. Your eyes are precious! I just wish mine looked better on me- they are made for larger heads.

They definitely worked for me. My eyes would twitch like crazy after a few hours at the PC before i got these. There is a program called flux that you can try - many swear by it. It serves to limit blue light on your computer screen. It did not help me, but its free, so have a go before you spend money behind these.

I wanted to try out both the Gunnars and this other brand called Gamma Rays to see what the differences were between the two.

Gamma Rays can be had for less than $20 (so that’s nice). They don’t have the slight magnification like Gunnars, and the yellow tint isn’t as much as Gunnars.

After wearing the two for about a week a piece, I think I lean more towards the Gamma Rays. The frames feel more comfortable and it feels like they wear much easier. And the magnification provided by Gunnars make me feel uncomfortable for some odd reason, while the Gamma Rays is straight optics. I did read that a few users had to have a break-in period for the Gunnars to get use to them, so maybe I need to give them more time. BUT, I do think the glare reduction is better on the Gunnars - probably due to the darker amber tint. So there’s that to consider too.
So I had to ask myself, do I want comfort, or better glare reduction. I haven’t decided yet, so I use both depending on the mood I’m in, until my eyes tell me what makes them the happiest.

Your miles may vary.

NOTE: I’m wearing the Gunnars right now as I type this review :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people seem to swear by them, but my experience was really terrible. I bought the Gunnar Steel Series Desmo when they were at $50 and might as well given the money to a good cause. YMMV

I had hoped they would improve contrast and make my eyes feel more rested when used for gaming. Not the case for me. They actually made my eyes feel very strained and gave me headaches (and I NEVER have headaches), and I gave them a fair chance.

My gaming setup is with a pair of 27" IPS LED monitors that are easy on the eyes, but I hoped for an improved gaming experience with the Gunnar’s - Major Fail IMHO. They’re bound to get cheaper if you want to try them. Woot has been relisting these for more than 6 months.


Give Gamma Rays a shot. They don’t have the magnification on the lens (which could be the cause for your headache). They are super comfortable to wear and my eyes do feel more relaxed after 8 hours at work. Some sellers on ebay sell them for about $17.

Good luck!

Thanks Razor! I found your comparison above very helpful yesterday, and may give Gamma Rays a shot. (Giving Gamma Rays a shot sounds funny / ironic to me. I used to work with Radium, Cesium, etc., and got my fair share back then, too).