Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Would be awesome if you could get new models available to us.

Maybe they’ll be throwing these things in Mystery Grab Bags before long. They don’t seem to be able to give them away, seeing as how they list them every couple of weeks.

YES! I was an earlier Sucker, and bought a pair - Just Awful!!!

Dude, we sell out of them pretty darn often. It’s not old inventory. It’s a new buy. :tongue:

I love mine. Takes me about five seconds of staring at the monitors before I am reaching for the gunnars.

What’s the difference between the two wi-five espresso listings? Price and descriptions appear identical except one lists a retail price of 99.99 and the other 149.99?

Hrmm. They DOOO look pretty identical. I emailed the team to have them check into what the deuce is up. Check back for an update!

Thanks 'cuz I bought one and now am wondering if I’m really getting what I think I am or if there’s another option that I’d rather have instead.

Crystalline lenses next time, please?

Yes, please do this.

I bought a pair of these for using at the computer, and seeing the frames in my line of sight provides more strain to my eyes than then lenses are supposed to mitigate.

I have kind of a big head, most general sun glasses pinch the sides of my head when I wear them, how do these fit?

I’ve got a pair of these and a wide head. They fit my wide head great. Even with big headphones on.

Price on their website says the Gunnar Steelseries are $99, just like all the rest, NOT $149.99

Looks like it was a Woot misread. do people tend to like the Crystalline better?