Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Bought the RPG’s last time and have worn them every day since. I know some people rave about what they do and others don’t. I think the technology and engineering Gunnar puts in them works and is of value. I just think it has a lot to do with each person’s physiology. I’m in the rave category. I literally felt my eyes relax and focus easier after only a short time. They really enhance my acuity and seem to sharpen all parts of the monitor. The amber tint took very little time to get used to and after the first half hour or so everything just seemed normal and I wasn’t aware of the tint until I took them off. I think the RPGs are by far the best built frames, their quality is excellent and I think they’re the only style Gunnar calls a wide fit. I don’t have an overly large head but they fit great. The Zeiss lenses have +0.2 diopter magnification which is almost imperceptible, but I like it. I like these so much I just ordered a pair of Gunnar Phenoms with the clear crystalline lenses for when I work on my illustrations and need to see true colors. My eyes definitely feel more relaxed during use and better than they used to after hours of staring at the monitor. I haven’t noticed my eyes being any less dry than before, but I never really had a problem in that area anyway. All I can say is they are a definite benefit to my eyes and wish I had bought them years ago.

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which one of these models is best for larger heads?

The RPG is the only Gunnar designated “wide fit”. This is part of Amazon’s product description: “The hidden spring hinges flex to ergonomically fit a wide variety of head and face shapes. The RPG is a wide fit frame ideal for larger heads”. You can see my review on Amazon, for the pair I bought on Woot HERE if your interested. Note: most of their models categorized as “medium fit” have spring hinges allowing the temple arms to extend outward, away from the head, to fit larger craniums.

Be careful ordering these, mine arrived scratched. Woot claims they’d “be more than happy to help” but they never respond to my support tickets.

Ticket numbers (I have no idea why new ones keep getting assigned when I reply to one preserving the subject):
[] CAS-484963-S7T4S2
] CAS-490596-G9K5C7
[*] CAS-494674-N2L9S1

BTW if I could just get an undamaged pair (sold as “new” condition) they would fit my face great and I also have a wider head.

I answered you on the other thread you posted in.

The first pair of RPG’s I ordered had a circular area of scratches from where they rubbed against the inside of the clear window of the packaging. Woot was great about getting me a replacement pair which arrived in perfect condition. Three or four reviewers (out of 21 reviews at the time) on Amazon reported scratches from the packaging as well. The Gunnar rep says the packaging is good and damage is rare.

That’s exactly what happened on mine! Or at least it has a circular area of scratches. Don’t recall if it was rubbing against the packaging.

Honestly I wouldn’t have even opened the package but there was dust and bits of cardboard and so forth in there too. Just figured those packing were careless and it was a smudge. Unfortunately it turned out not to be :frowning:

Woot’s always been good to me before but sadly they haven’t responded to any of my support requests on this one last week or this. ThunderThighs was kind enough to try flagging the request but still nothing. Guess tomorrow I’ll try starting over with a brand new ticket; beyond that I don’t know what to do except call the credit card but I’d prefer to avoid that.