Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Why aren’t there model numbers listed on these Gunnar items?

amazon doesn’t list the model numbers either. you can search amazon by name for the one you want. they do sell for a lot more there.

How do these work? Polarized? Coated to reflect certain frequencies? I have a wife that strains with night vision and oncoming traffic. Sunglasses only make night vision worse, but wondering if these would be different for some reason. Tinting seems to contribute to very small reduction in light transmission.

From what I’ve read, the tinting on these glasses reduces glare by filtering out more of the blue light that causes it. They also have a slight magnification to them.

These are great for night driving. I’ve been using a pair on my motorcycle for a year. I’m picking up another pair for the car. They have a +2 magnification which helps. The crazy tint does help brighten and distinguish items in the dark, unlike other yellow glasses.

Mine showed up today. I ordered the Vayper (05201) but received the Desmo (05101). Looks like someone in the warehouse slapped on an unnecessary sticker with the wrong model number… Waiting to hear from Woot if I can get the ones I actually ordered or not.

I’m sorry for the problems with your order. CS will answer you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.

Got the RMA yesterday and they are back in the mail to be returned. Thanks!