Gunnar Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear

WooHoo!! Hipster shades are back!!!

NOT just for Gamers!

I recently purchased the Gunnar Optiks Vayper Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Neptune from Woot and so far, LOVE them.

I picked these because they were lighter in weight from some of the other options as I have a problem with headaches when I wear heavy sunglasses for short periods of time. The added bonus, is they curve to my face, and since I sit in front of 2-24" monitors all day, every day, this feature is awesome.

They really make a difference in how tired my eyes are at the end of the night and would recommend them to anyone who stares at a computer(s) all day!

All I have to say is, f.lux.
Google it, and you won’t have a use for these silly shades.

Ya, I see what you mean … Not!

Just a few, of many, good reports. I think people only see what they WANT to see to validate their viewpoint. I’m just as guilty because I own two pair (1 pr. amber lens, 1 pr. crystalline/clear) and I swear by them. Just wanted to give your outlook a counterpoint because they help many people. Just read some of Amazon’s reviews if in doubt.

Ive been looking for a pair of glasses I could wear in and outside to cover up the fact that my eyes look like glazed doughnuts. These are perfect. Not only do they do the job but they produce a noticeably sharper/brighter/better “picture”. These are very good glasses.

Lol what?