Gunnar Advanced: Cyber-Eyewear

I own the RPG’s w/amber lenses for standard computer use and the Phenom’s w/crystalline (clear) lenses for “color critical” computer work and to watch TV. For me, eye strain is a thing of the past because they work great! Both are extremely well built, with the RPG’s being the heaviest (made to fit wider heads), and the lenses are top quality Zeiss lenses. At $39.99, these are an excellent bargain!

Not all paid shills. In fact I’m significantly dialing down my purchases from Woot because I don’t like the negative effect of the mothership on the rest of the retail world (and I live in Seattle, where the 'zon stomps on all kinds of businesses).

That said, I like the Gunnars for the mild magnification (+0.25) and glare cutting. I find it makes things comfortable for my particular situation (post-lasik + I’m old enough to have typical presbyopia, but even a +1.00 reader is too strong).

I see a lot of overblown claims regarding these, but I do find them to be a nice comfort item with mild benefits. In for +1 as a backup, but the cheaper one.

Say what? Considering that he’s been a Wooter for almost a year with 24-49 purchases, I don’t think he’s a shill.

There are a lot of people that like Gunnars and other similar glasses. I wear some for computer work and can absolutely tell the difference.

I own the CoD:MW set that I’ve owned for about 2 years now. I wear them every day as my day consists of 8-10 hours of constant computer use. I used to get migraines from looking at the screens and had issues with dry eyes. The glasses really did help as my migraines are non-existant and the amount of eye drops I have to use has been cut in half.

Obviously everything isn’t for everyone, but these work great for me.

I’m waiting for the clear ones. I gave my yellow lens to a friend for his bday.

Hmm, meant for a serious gamer but don’t serious gamers use headphones for unmatched sound accuracy? How do you wear these and good headphones at the same time?

Potential Buyers: notice not a word about the lenses themselves in the over worded hype; the “quad-core” hinge design and “dual-rail” frames? Save your $40.

These are great looking frames. You are going to spend well over $40 for a pair of frames of this quality. I decided to remove the stock lenses and had some prescription lenses put in mine and they are my daily glasses. I was looking at a similar pair of glasses at a few different glasses websites and they are well over $150 just for the frames.

After 4 hours of straight gameplay, I’m pretty sure you still won’t need to blink with these on…

You should never pay more than fifty bucks for glasses. Go check out Zenni.

Has anyone else received a defective/damaged pair of Gunnars from Woot? I purchased the RPG and they arrived with the right lens scratched … not just a scratch, but a patch of scratches, obstructing vision. This appears to be a fairly common problem with Gunnars, due to their loose packaging.

Woot is completely unresponsive to multiple emails and Gunnar refuses to replace. I guess I just bought a $50 paperweight. Thanks for nothing, Woot. You’ve lost a 10-year customer.


I have this same issue! did you ever get this resolved? I just emailed woot and I hope I hear back soon.