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Unfortunately, the gaming/computer genre has their own sunglasses.

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The Sun Doesn’t shine as bright for me anymore after learning of such. Ignorance is bliss, look at the URLs at your own risk if your over 30 years old…

My feeling re: computer & gaming glasses is, you get what you pay for.

Regarding the non-Gunnar glasses in the previous post: they do appear to have protective coatings for blocking harmful wavelengths, however they don’t seem to have:

*the curvature of the Gunnar’s lenses, creates a microclimate for each eye, preventing air currents from drying out the eyes. Moisture retention is a major plus!

*single biggest difference is the Gunnar’s use Zeiss lenses which demand (and deserve) a hefty premium. Anyone not familiar with the name Carl Zeiss or the quality of Zeiss lenses should do a little research before they consider buying the less expensive glasses. Many professional photographers opt for Zeiss lenses over Nikon or Canon. If I’m buying glasses … I want the best lenses.

I own the RPG’s with amber lenses for general use and the Phenoms with the crystalline/clear lenses for color critical work. They’re excellent quality frames and lenses and their use has absolutely reduced my eye strain and improved my comfort.

As an owner of three pairs of Gunnars, the “Moisture retention” is obviously bogus. The only thing Gunnars have over any other brand is they’re insanely light weight, constructed well, and have really nice lenses.

Take their claims with a grain of salt.

That said, I love my Gunnars and use them every day. The WiFive is probably the best looking(imo).

As I’m sure you saw, I own two pairs and, since using my Gunnars, my eyes and, based on their comments, numerous other user’s eyes don’t dry out like they used to during sessions at the computer. That’s not bogus, that’s a fact! My comment about “moisture retention” is based on my experience, not Gunnar’s claim.

Obviously, you haven’t received the same benefit. That could be due to your facial geometry, your physiology, etc. It’s OK to tell others you haven’t noticed the moisture retention benefits, but I would be careful about telling other users/owners the benefits they are or are not experiencing. To “state” a benefit is “obviously bogus” just because you didn’t experience it is well …

I’ve purchased and am using the SteelSeries Desmo Onyx/Snow. I was skeptical about the glasses also, but I decided to take the plunge as I’ve been on the computer a lot recently 5+ hours per day with playing COD at night. My use for the glasses are general and computer/console gaming. I think the ones that I purchased are great because the lenses perfectly surround my point of view and just barely make it short of my vertical looking range; In addition, I need to strain my eyes to see the peripheral sides of these lenses.

The amber hue did throw me off in the beginning, but it doesn’t affect my gameplay or computer usage at all. Somehow, it seems that the glasses magnify what I’m looking at only slightly. I’ll provide my two cents concerning the “guarantees” that were on the back of the package that my glasses came in.

  1. Increase CONTRAST for greater visual accuracy and efficiency:
    There is definitely an increase in contrast and mellowing of white pages/screens. If there is any increase, it would be very minimal.

  2. Enhance DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision: I think this definitely does the job well. The type of lenses and anti-reflective technology/gimmick they use does work. As stated previously, I also tend to see a slight magnification of my text, if not then at least the detail.

  3. Helps REDUCE GLARE and improves focus: It definitely does. My eyes do not feel strained anymore while looking at screens for long periods of time. I don’t think anymore explanation needs to be given.

  4. Improves visual ENDURANCE during extended gaming session: See #3.

  5. DECREASES eye FATIGUE and dry eyes: See #3 and #4. To add, I also have an Easy Home tower fan 5 feet from me oscillating while on my computer. Even with it on, I don’t even feel the draft of air going around the glasses. I think that is what people are referring to when they talk about retaining moisture - the glasses (depending on your lens size) reduce the air that is blown into your eyes. Some, or Gunnar themselves (I can’t recall), even state that the lenses keep in moisture that could possibly be evaporating from your eyes, but I do not have any faith in this statement. Lastly, having less strain on your eyes could possibly lead you to blink more often along the lines of what you should normally be doing (not doing so has been reported of why people do have eye fatigue and get dry eyes).

Overall, I definitely think these glasses are worth the plunge here on Woot. And of course, I am providing my own opinion on my own experience; your mileage may vary.

Another area to consider are the frames. For my glasses, the frames have a somewhat adjustable/loose end cover, so if you’re ears sit near the back of your head, the slider can be adjusted. I have found that wearing the glasses for 3+ hrs do hurt the top of my hears where the frames sit, but I think that is mainly because of how my head is shaped.

Anyways, I know this is long, but I hope you all found this to be helpful to make a decision of whether to purchase these or not.

As a first timer on woot, and buying glasses online for the very first time, I would like to know if the Wi-Five ( ) use prescription lenses or are just normal lenses. Thanks

If they are prescription lenses, where do I fill in my prescription?

They are normal lenses. Some of their models will accept prescription lenses. I believe you can find that info on the Gunnar site.

That is sad. It appears that buying any good set of glasses less than $100 is impossible in the current state of things. =/

Thanks for the help though.

Not sure what the “Ignorance is bliss, look at the URLs at your own risk if your over 30 years old” statement is about?? I own the SteelSeries (work) RPG(home use) and my son also owns the RPG and we both love them. My son loves the vibrant colors (as do I)and I my eyes also don’t dry out nearly as much at work as they used to. The .5 or 1.0 magnification also helps when looking at small text. Awesome for me but others may not have the same experience. Either way for less than $50 the color spectrum filtering makes computer gaming much more…colorful!