Gunnar Advanced Eyewear

Had some questions so I went straight to Gunnar to see what they had to say about these Wi-Five spectacles. “Asian fit” - Our “asian fit” is designed to accomodate to flatter nose, wide cheek bones, and wider heads.
How tall are those lenses on the Wi-Five glasses - The height of the lens for these is 29, I believe at the highest point, but they do taper a bit. FYI - Saw one review that stated they are not tall enough and do not protect as well. Guess that is a function on how big your head is, and how close you have them to your eye.

I have the GUNNAR stylus, not sold here during this promotion but still the same lens.

I am currently wearing them typing this and cannot express the amount of relief they give my eyes over the course of a long day at a computer. I worked for years without them with increasing headaches.

The anti glare is so good I wear them at night under my motorcycle helmet.

Is it possible to get glasses like this if you have a prescription?

Indeed, it just can be pretty expensive: here.

Really wished they’d have the gunnar outdoor sunglasses again. Best sunglass lens I’ve found so far. They don’t create rainbows when looking through tinted windows, or darken device screens at certain angles the way polarized lenses do.