Gunnar Advanced Eyewear

Do these really make a difference? I spend all day on the computer and i get headaches pretty often. Will these help mitigate that?

I bought a pair last time they were on sale and am less than impressed. Tried to chat w/support before the purchase telling them I wanted to use for computer and at the range. They really weren’t interested in talking thru my requirements - it was buy it or whatever.

The glasses don’t seem to do anything for me at the computer and are no better at the range than a pair of $10 safety glasses. The video’s are convincing and the endorsements lead you to believe it will resolve eyestrain.

YMMV but I don’t think it was worth the $$.

The outdoor series are some of the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned. They’re comparable to polarized lenses in clarity, and color. But they’ve got a major advantage over polarized lenses. Firstly, no rainbow artifacts when looking through tinted car windows. Secondly, device screens don’t become too dark at certain angles, and screen orientations. I really want to pickup more pairs, but have never seen the outdoor series of these offered again, and elsewhere they cost more than twice what I paid at woot.

Call me skeptic before…but I’m wearing my Espresso WiFives right now, for the 2nd day.

Beleive you me, I stopped having migraines and eye strains since wearing 'em. Plus, no more squinting, while staring at this LED monitor, here at my nursing workstation. I even wear it at home, via my 32" pc monitor and while watching on my big screen 55" LG LED backlight-lit HDTV. In short, I am totally SOLD on Gunnars!

I’m buying another pair…Phenoms, this time, on the next Woot sale go-round…

P.S. I am the 1st to wear Gunnar’s here at the hospital…my co-workers keep asking me where I got 'em…Just started a trend here. :smiley: