Gunnar BitSurfer Computer/Gaming Eyewear



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Gunnar BitSurfer Computer/Gaming Eyewear
$44.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Just bought the Wi-Five ones earlier, anyone know if these are any better than those previous ones?


Wut the wut?


I don’t get it…?

Are these to protect your eyes while playing those super-realistic FPS games?


Glasses to game with? Is it April 1st? Marked down from $119? PT Barnum was right. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


Buy it! This will help you see the missing pieces of the map.


I bought these from Woot a week or so ago. They’re alright, but most of the “features” are just marketing buzzwords. They’re essentially reading glasses with yellow lenses and a cheap frame.

If the yellow tint helps you, install Flux ( I’ve found the program to be far more helpful than the glasses. If you need the magnification, stop by the pharmacy and pick up a $5 pair of reading glasses. These just aren’t worth the money; the packaging is nicer than the glasses.


Seriously? 45 bux for a pair of glasses to stare at a computer screen?

As another wooter just said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Let’s see how fast these sell out, suckers.


These HD glasses are great for protecting your eyes when playing 3D games.

Safety first at any cost!!!


This is a great example of how I would trade Woot’s smug, stupid product descriptions for one that actually explains what the product is and does. Because the current product description gives absolutely no clue as to either.


Glorified blue blockers


Buy first, ask questions later. This is Woot!
I have a pair and use them sometimes. They are weak magnification, the yellow tint is nice. But mostly I wear them because my wife thinks they make me look sexy!


doesn’t blue through yellow glasses just make green?


protection from who ??


are these just so i can be stylish while sitting in my office by myself playing D3?


they protect your eyes from strain if you constantly stare at a screen all day. theres been times when ive been at a computer all day and when im done the real world has a red tint to it. these help a lot and its a great price


thanks, got flux, i think i like it.


arrrgggg me thinks these spectacles are cursed to cast wisdom on those who wear them! ye hears they are made with vitamin C for color and to help with bouts of scurvy!