GUNNAR Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Eyewear

I use Gunnar glasses when on iRacing, staring at a computer screen for hours on end…my eyes do not dry up, nor do my contacts hurt. I recommend for hardcore gamers and casuals alike.

Their motto should be “game while looking like a detective from the 80s!”

I was afraid the screen would become too bright or “yellowy.” For me it brightens, but not too much. It makes the gaming environment look a bit…sunnier, if that makes any sense.

Birthday present for myself… Check.
First techWoot buy… Check.
Total Woot Count to the 50 level… Check.

Good day… goood day.

“Kills: 4056
Hours of eye-strain-free gaming: 2045”

So he only got about 2 kills per hour? Man, this guy sucks at MW3.

Please bring these back when I didn’t already spend all my money on the wootoff.

I would be all over these if I did’nt already have 2 pairs of Amber.

Going to hold out for Call of Dooty… Auommmmoy… nevermind.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the frames at this discount AND add a prescription to them? I went to their website and their listed at $99.

I’m really sorry to do this woot, but these are only $20 at bestbuy right now.

hmmm will woot match the bestbuy $20 sale price? i’d much rather buy them from woot

OUCH! That’s harsh. I LOVE and I was just doing research on these to see if they actually work or if its just a fake hype and didn’t even want to spend $50 but for $20 heck yea! I think woot should thank you! Move this to the community sourced deals and throw up a new one here for today!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for saving me $30!

I agree! If they can price match I’d rather give my money to woot anyday.

And for some reason the glasses are pickup only from best buy and they are unavailable at my store :frowning:

woot! :frowning: this is the first Time I’ve ever seen you fall short of the lowest price anywhere, and its a sad start for tech woot :’(

Yeah, but it’s not available for shipping, and you’ll be lucky if there’s a brick-and-mortar store nearby that actually stocks this. There’s actually one that has this in stock… 35 minutes away. Debating if I should go and pick it up.

For rest of you, good luck.

**Edit: ** even though it says it’s available, it says otherwise when I try to check out for a pick-up… tough luck. The Woot deal keeps on looking better and better.

and FREE shipping at best buy :frowning: I wanted to buy these on woot…

I found a store within 30 minutes of myself as well, but
35$ is more money than gas would cost

the glasses show in stock at my local buttbuy and i have a $5 rz coupon so potentially $15 bux there… but also have a $5 woot coupon and i’d still buy em on woot if they’ll match the price just so i dont have to go to buttbuy thats only 10 min away!

It’s actually quite suprising, bestbuy is usually overpriced too!