Gunnar Gaming Glasses

I saw some Gunnar’s this weekend at PAX (a huge gamer show), and the booth looked fairly crowded most of the times I went by (which is to say I didn’t get any hands on time with them).

What do you think? Do you have some Gunnars?

I’ve been checking woot pretty much every day at 9am for this exact sale.

I purchased the JEM gunnar set a couple months ago here on woot.

I work in front of computer screens 10 hrs a day and I have to say I have considerably less eye strain after wearing these… the only thing is it takes some getting used to the yellow push in color these have. They block out a large amount of the blue spectrum (pretty much all of it) at least with this set.

The color compromise is worth it for me… I’m liking my set so far. Hope this helps

Bought these last time work great for what they are supposed to do but third day in they fell apart. Very cheap screws i believe

I have some of these on right now that I bought in the last Woot sale. I think they definitely help tone down the harsh light from the monitor. I now use them almost every time I use my computer. Some people comment about getting used to the yellow color, but I really dont notice. It’s the same as wearing a pair of yellowish sunglasses and going outside. After a few minutes you forget all about it. I recommend them.

I spend all day editing videos, then I like to go home and play some Halo.
There are days I spend 6-8hrs editing and I honestly cannot look at another screen unless I want my eyes to fall out. I’m really hoping these help.

Bought another pair :slight_smile: I love them, I do wish you’d bring forth the crystaline lens, since the yellow lens can get to be a tad distracting, bought the frameless ones (can’t remember the name, but they were 55$) this time in the hopes it makes a difference. Plus they are much more stylish. Easy to clean, just make sure you take the cloth out of the box, I almost missed it the first time. It does help a lot. Alas, my boss won’t allow me to wear them at work because of the lens color, but I do use them for WoW and I can play without my eyes tearing up or getting that blurred vision thing. If you’re in doubt, buy a cheaper pair (its what I did) and then if you like them, upgrade to a more expensive pair. You can never have too many, especially at these prices.

I have two questions about these glasses.

  1. How do they fair being placed over a 2nd pair of glasses? I have prescription lenses that I would need to still wear to be able to read anything on my screen and then I would have to put these on over said prescription glasses. They just don’t look like they would work for me because of that (though I’m still interested in trying them as I probably spend over half my time awake most days looking at a screen).

  2. Do these just put a warmer ‘yellowish’ tone to the colors on the screen while bringing down the brighter ‘harsher’ colors like bright blues and such? If that is the case then on computers can’t you get the same effect without these glasses for free using a program called F.lux (

I do use F.lux on my computer and iPhone and have noticed that in the evenings it does reduce eye strain and even more noticeably it make it easier for me to fall asleep when I am finished with my computer work when I stay up late and go right from PC to bed. You can set the program to be active and tint your screen all hours of the day if you wish so I would think doing that would be just like wearing these glasses. Extra bonus, you can adjust how strongly the program tints your screen which is something that can not be done with a pre-made lens.

I’m not sure, but I do know that you can get prescription versions of these glasses. My workmate has a pair, which is how I heard about this product.

Update: Found it

They do warm the temperature of the light, but I believe they also have a small magnification factor. I believe I read this in the last Woot Gunnar deal discussion.

I believe the glasses have 1.25x magnification. Not much, but slightly noticeable as you’re putting them on, but I get use to it almost immediately, same with the yellow tint. I spend about 8-9 hours a day at work staring at monitors, and then in the evenings I’m on my home PC for most of the night. Every once in awhile I get splitting headaches focused right behind my eyes that until now I’ve always had to take extra strength excedrin to get rid of. But since using gunnar glasses I’ve never gotten a headache during the 1 month I’ve been using them. Even when I’m not wearing the glasses and feel a headache coming on I put on my glasses and the headache goes away. All I can is these glasses are awesome.

I don’t often post my opinion but I figure I should for this one. I bought the MW3 edition on woot a month ago and have using them well. I was very skeptical at first, but with all the time I was spending on the computer at work and then coming home to play games - I figured it’s worth it to at least try them. Now it might just be the placebo, but I don’t believe these are snake oil products. I’m a fan, and do feel that these will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the strain on your eyes over the long run use of a computer monitor. Back in college I did a small paper about Computer Vision Syndrome, and can say that to anyone who does get it, these glasses do seem to help. I recommend it, especially at these prices. I just picked myself up another pair for work, because the MW3 frames are not fit to wear outside the house.

These are fantastic. They really make a difference. I bought 2 pairs at retail prices (at least 40% more than the sale prices here) over time, one for work and the other for home. Yes, they are overpriced, but the reduced eye strain is worth it, especially after Lasik. The downside is that once you get used to them, viewing computer screens can seem uncomfortable without them on.

I have a wider than average head but they both fit comfortably and I can wear them for several hours at a time. I have the Phenom and the Sheadog. The Phenom is much more sturdy but I rarely ever see it on sale. The Sheadog is somewhere between the Weezer and the Wi-five on sale here. I fully recommend.

Hi omegr8mick, I’m the manufacturer rep. I’m sorry to hear that your GUNNARS fell apart. We can get them replaced for you! Please email me directly at to find out how.

Wouldn’t this be damaging to my eyes if I wore them over an extended period of time, as my eyes would adjust to them and then be dependent upon them?

Hi shark01, I’m the manufacturer rep. In regards to your questions:

  1. GUNNARS are not designed to fit comfortably over your existing prescription eye wear. We have a prescription program with Carl Zeiss Vision, please visit for more information on how to obtain prescription GUNNARS.
  2. On top of blocking out the harmful spectrum of blue light (GUNNARS amber tint blocks 100% up to 400nm on UV/blue spectrum) the construction and geometry of the frame is designed to retain moisture around the eye pocket. Many experience dry eyes at the computer so this feature helps to maintain your natural blink rate. In addition, the hard coats and AR (anti-reflective) coatings on both front and back of the lens helps to diminish any glare that is a result of additional light sources.

Hi zanfar, I’m the manufacturer rep. You are correct! There is a slight magnification in all of our over the counter eye wear, +0.2 diopter.

Hi Squirrelhunter70, I’m the manufacturer rep. GUNNAR over the counter eye wear has a very slight magnification, +0.2 diopter (less than a quarter diopter which will not effect your long term vision).

Hi onegr8mick, I’m the manufacturer rep. I’m sorry to hear about your previous GUNNAR experience. We can get them replaced for you! Please email me direct at to find out how.

I bought the gem pair last time and have to say they are not for gaming with headphones. They have decorative metal at the tips of the frame that dig into your ears with headphones on. The MW3 glasses are much better in this regaurd. Also Id bet they have the largest glass in them. I can easily see all of my 27" monitor without trouble with the MW3’s, but not so with the gems.