Gunnar GLIFF Premium 3D Eyewear



Are the days of bags of crap over now? Have not seen any for a while.


Will these work over prescription glasses?


Pretty bad reviews on Amazon:


If I wear these outside of a movie, will I see more dimensions on things?


I’m thinking things changed when their website got re-designed. Either Woot! got bought out or no longer does BoC because their new server setup can’t handle it any longer. The first few Woot! Offs that occurred directly after the site upgrade brought everything down in general.


Replaced by the 3D Glasses of Crap.


YES! It will seem like you are right there in real life…


Yes, You get to see the 4th dimension…Time.


No, everybody knows that when you look at objects which are already in 3D with 3D glasses, you see the objects in 6D #math


But only if you have patience…
How long does that take!


Too bad, I had a love/hate for them. Only got one in all the years I have been a Wooter! but I did look forward to them anyway.


Anyone tried these at a 3D IMAX movie? I’d much rather wear these than the crappy GIANT ones the theater gives you.


Amazon bought Woot last year (or the year before?).

BOCce balls had become somewhat rare, and have been non-existent the past couple of Woot-offs. With the various Woot+ stuff on each site, I’m not confident they will ever return.

Oh, well - that facet of Woot was certainly fun while it lasted!


Woot is now owned by Amazon. That should answer all questions.


Yep, theyy’re gone, although Woot will occassionally surprise us with new events. That said, you still can get Bags/Boxes of Crap. Last Christmas, I was VERY pleasantly surprised when a big box of stuff came from Woot filled with goodies worth >$150. It included some Kyocera ceramic knives that I had been oogling for awhile. Apparently, someone noticed my Quality Posts and it was Woot’s way of thanking me. At least that’s what the wickedly sarcastic letter said. :slight_smile: THANK YOU WOOT!


Ripoff even at $5, retail is $49 ? LOL

They hand these out at the theater, of course this one looks nicer but who cares


Question: How do these differ from the 3D glasses you get for free when watching a movie at the cinema?

Answer: They don’t.


Features … Specs … AH! I get it - SPECS!!


Are these the same as the ones I steal from the movie theater, I mean forget to put in the bin, I mean whoops TMI…anyway that popcorn and coke cost me 20 bucks!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have property of any glasses from a movie theater ( unless specified and proven from a video camera)