Gunnar MLG Adv Computer/Gaming Eyewear

wow. That went unbelievably fast.

I got the golden button, but then got the “YOU’RE TOO LATE!!” notice. sadpanda

I swear I answer these in under a minute and still sold. WTF

I wish I can even get to that screen…

Do you just put it in the address bar?

Haven’t seen the button (not grayed out at least) yet…

haven’t all you fasties already gotten your BOC?!

Has the calculation for the offer in the wootbot already been claimed? I actually know the math on this one (I thought…) and I’m getting a 404 error from woot. If it’s already been claimed can someone post the right url so I can check what I did wrong?

No kidding. I swear I was less than 40 seconds on this.

This product is ridiculous. What’s next, a videogaming lightbulb that makes your reaction times faster with ultrabrite® technology? How about videgaming floorboards, which are guaranteed to boost your score by 10% with their superultrasteady® technology?

So, you’re really saying you wish you were blue-balled?

How about a special videogaming wristband? (thankfully woot seems to have sold out of all their PowerBalance wristbands… although they’ll probably show up in the BOCs…)

Wouldn’t want anyone to recognize me for the MLG star that I am… gotta hide my eyes. Also useful for all those times that I am very seriously gaming, but also outside and the sun is very bright, which, lets face it, is basically always.

Is it just me, or is the RSS feed still showing the HP ENVY at 58% sold?

(87) * (13) * (1776) = 2008656 (put this at the back of the URL

I finally knew one without Google but was way to late…

Finally, one I could figure out on my own, but I waited too long…

well its better to get some gleam of hope (although it would be short lived) versus disappointment all the time.

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have wooted and lost
Than never to have wooted at all.

friendly reminder to try to keep crap-math in this thread.

gracias beaucoup.