Gunnar Optiks Amber Computer Glasses

I am not a gamer, but I bought a pair of Gunnar glasses a while back and I wear them both at work and home when using a computer. Would buy again but the pair I have are sturdy and still work fine.

Bought a replacement pair the last time around on Woot and was really disappointed with the quality of the frames I received. Way below what I had purchased two years ago at the same price point (BTW, also on Woot).

Latest pair has the thinnest, cheapest stamped frame that I have seen - on par with what you’d pay for basic $4 sunglasses at a rest stop gas station.

If that’s what you need and feel the price point is OK, then pull the trigger. Otherwise, I’d look for another solution.

this comment is directed at woot. the gunnars i purchased are small for me. it would be very helpful if woot would have some sizing chart. thanks.