Gunnar Optiks Computer/Gaming Eyewear

I really wish these things would fit my massive cranium. I’ve already purchased 2 different pairs and those things do NOT fit at all. Can’t return them, Gunnar can’t exchange them so I’m basically stuck with 2 pairs of useless glasses, sigh :frowning:

Ill take them for you :wink:

I have the Anime style. Ugly color, but they surely reduce the eyestrain at work!

I own a number of Gunnars. My most recent purchase, the Halogen Adv. Outdoor is by far the best purchase. Easily one of the best pairs of sunglasses I have EVER owned. They fit remarkably well and they diffuse the light perfectly. Could not ask for a better pair of glasses. Just wish they had an available hard case.

My biggest gripe is people asking me if they are Gucci… my response, no gunnar… (Please, like I would wear Gucci.)

What size head to you have? Like hat wise? I have a big dome too and was wondering if my head would fit these.

“Halogen Advanced Outdoor eyeware” - “specifically engineered for digital viewing indoors”. Erm…whut? Are they sunglasses, or not? Are they 100% UVA-B,C,D…EDFG…or will my eyes melt if I wear them outside? That would not be very advanced, or the kind of adventure I’d like… Gunnar site is no help. Any idea?

How’s about something to accommodate us prescription wearers.

The only problem with this event is that I have glanced over it AGAIN and missed the ones I wanted :frowning:

Next time :slight_smile: great event, Woot!

I wear a 7 7/8 hat so that problem that I have is two-fold. A wide face so the lenses wont reach the end of my face and two, the arms reach my ears but just rest there. They don’t grip my ears so they fall off.

Called Gunnar - these are OUTDOOR glasses. They’re sunglasses. They are NOT “specifically engineered for digital viewing indoors”. Gunnar rep said he’d get that over to the web team to correct the description. So…I just bought a nice pair of sunglasses…
Doh! ~( 8^(|)

Assuming they are UV filtering and all that as normal sunglasses, do tehy distort your distance vision like other Gunnars do, being designed for mid-range viewing? Also, do they work for night driving or are they too dark for that?

No impact to distance viewing. I have not worn them at night, so I cannot say if they work at night. My honest thought thought would be they are too dark to do so.

Forgot to add. I was caught in traffic for a solid 3 hours (thank you DC) and they were so comfortable I forgot they were on my head. Which is a first because I usually get irritated with the feel/pressure on my nose and ears I take them off.

I find I have tiny issues when trying to focus on something more than 3 feet away when wearing my pair.

Bought the e11vens less than a month ago. I was afraid they wouldn’t fit my large head, but that seems to be a non-issue.

The glasses offer a slight magnification and yellowish tint to anything you look at. For me, some times they work and other times they do not seem to reduce eye strain. In fact, they seem to contribute to it to an extent. This might be due to different levels of fatigue on my part.

Would I buy them again? Not sure, the verdict is still out and I haven’t had them for long enough to give them a complete yay or nay review.

They can be made into prescription glasses, but you certainly won’t find those on woot (or any resale site). If you really want some, give this a look.

Can you order these with prescription lenses?

Prescription lenses are available… for full price :frowning:

Sorry poor-eyed people.

Ok I bought 2 pair and I must say I am extremely disapointed in these.
Actually the pair that I bought at Sams club for a 1/4 of the price out shine these 10 to 1