Gunnar Optiks Computer/Gaming Eyewear

I see three ‘Edge’ products, but only one is listed with a color - Espresso. Can you shed any light on the colors of the other two? I suspect one will be a silver/chrome and the last a gunmetal/black, but cannot tell without a name update/specifics.


Thanks for spotting the differences.
I’m unsure as to the colors of the other two (since they’re unspecified). I’ve forwarded a message to the staff to clear up the difference.

We’ll post/change the info as soon as it arrives.

UPDATE: One is onyx and the other Ash. The sale has been updated. Thanks!

In the Edge versions. it looks like the first pair is copper frame with black ear pieces. Second pair is copper frame with brown ear pieces and the third is black frame with black ear pieces. I own four pair of Gunnar computer glasses and they are great wear them to work and they really take glare off and cut down my my “tired eye” feeling while working all night long.

I bought the e11vens when they were on Woot a few months ago. I’ve used them roughly a dozen times. I’m not sure I notice all that much difference in eye strain. I use them primarily for work, and the amount of time I spend on a computer can vary from all day (8 hours) to 5 or 6. But I don’t notice much of a difference at the end of the day when wearing them.

Any details on sizing? My face/head is large. The descriptions and specifications are disappointingly lacking.

I’ve been using my Gunnars now for 6 months and have noticed a huge difference. I stare at a computer screen for 8-9hrs a day and used to suffer from headaches regularly. Now nothing! I just bought a back up pair in case anything happens to mine.

Would definitely recommend!

The mannequin head looks hawt.


Y’know, for polycarbonate. Or plastic. Or whatever.

Hi gavilandorado. You can view the sizes here:

Gavilandorado, some of those measurements are misleading and uninformative.
I previously purchased the MLG style Gunnars in a previous sale here on Woot. They seem like they would be great to use, however like you I have a larger than average head.
The MLGs absolutely will not fit despite the measurements here. The temple ‘measurement’ is linear, not taking into account that the MLG glasses have a very steep curve on them, essentially making them ‘shorter’ on your head (going from eyes back to your ears).
However, someone has recommended to me that the MLGs are not great but the Talon model are both better constructed and a better fit (as the temple arms are much straighter). I would even be purchasing a pair of Talons myself, but I’m still trying to unload these tiny MLG ones to get some of my money back from them…

I bought some Gunnar glasses a couple of month ago and only wear them occasionally. But sometimes when I feel like my eyes are strained already, I put them on and feel better about looking at the screen afterwards.

So to me they are not a permanent aid, but rather a hotfix when I need it.