Gunnar Optiks: Computer & Gaming Eyewear

I love these things, I bought one a while back on woot and can confidently say they work. It’s not just a yellow tint, there is obviously a special film covering the glasses. But I use these things all the time, in movie theaters, working on my computer, and playing games. My eyes have always been pretty susceptible to eye strain, my eyes would hurt after 45 minutes of staring at a screen. With these, I never get eye strain, or even feel like I’ve been staring at a screen. Also, they’re incredibly light (although still durable) so I tend to forget I have them on. The one I bought are actually pretty stylish and look like normal glasses, so I don’t feel awkward wearing them. My only complaint is that the film on the glasses picks up fingerprints like crazy. But at ~$30, it’s totally worth it for working, watching, and playing.

For $40 shipped? I’ll take a pair, picked the rimless design. I wear contacts and I sit on my PC for hours on end at home. Work isn’t bad because I’m usually walking around some or doing different things, but at home gaming I’ll sit there for 4 hours staring at the screen and my eyes do get strained. I’ve used f.lux before, and that worked relatively well for normal browsing but I didn’t keep it for very long. We’ll see how these turn out.

I’ll buy these when they make a set that fits over normal glasses

I had bought 2 pair in the past, not worth the money even at the discount, I can honestley say I have bought better at Sams Club for 1/4 of the money.
I was really disapointed in them.

Granted, they won’t be this cheap but if I recall they do make prescription ones if you e-mail them.

I can’t seem to find where they say the outdoor glasses have UV protection? Kind of the first priority in outdoor glasses…

Piecing this together, “IONIK lens tints improve overall contrast and comfort by filtering out harsh artificial light, eliminating UV rays and reducing high-intensity visible light.”

As far as I know this cover their entire line of products.

Mine are great. If you can find a style here that fits you at about half off MSRP… I would say go for it. These are life savers for me as I stare at a monitor all day for work. No more headaches and/or rubbing my eyes at the end of the day…

Is the yellow tint bothersome to anybody? My monitors are calibrated and I’d hate to these glasses change colors.