Gunnar Optiks Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Is this a weekly sale now? How do any of them actually “sell out” when they promptly go on sale again in a few days?

I wanted to buy the signature ones actually, might wait it out until they come back on sale. Tried to buy last night but were sold out.

We buy more?

We don’t stock inventory willingly. Our model is to buy only what we think we can sell in the event/sale.

So if I want the signature model your saying I should wait?

I guess but I can’t promise that we’ll get it either.

Woot do you have the dimensions of the Wing lenses vs the Signature lenses?

All the info we have is shown. You could contact Gunnar directly or check their site for more information.

Just shows you how much margin there is in eye ware. Just be thankful they haven’t been taken over by Luxottica yet or they would start at 399.99


If they are computer eye wear, why does the pic have a beach backdrop?

Thats one of the sun glass models. Gunnar is know for computer eyeware but they also make sunglasses (In fact i ordered a spare set of pc ones and my first sunglasses on this sale)

I really hope woot offers for Gunnar sunglasses. I’m so sold on the first pair I picked up. They perform like polarized sunglasses, but without the rainbow effect on device screens and tinted windows.