Gunnar Optiks Computer/Gaming Eyewear

Anyone know if you can get these with Rx?

Loved my Gunnars and really want another pair, but I need a prescription with them now.

I’d buy these if they made a set that would fit over normal glasses
It’s ok if they look dumb, as long as they’re comfortable

I bought a pair from Woot a couple months ago, and they are incredible! I’m an analyst, and spend my workdays staring at spreadsheets for 9 hours a day. Without these, I couldn’t even see straight by the end of the day. With them, it’s so much better. Fewer headaches, clearer vision at the end of the day, and I’ve gotten compliments on them looking cool! I give this my personal endorsement (which if you ask me, is the best endoresement ever)!

Yeah, you can get them with Rx lenses, you’ll either have to find an optometrist near you that offers them or order them directly from Gunnar (make sure you have your Rx handy.) Gunnar Prescription Eyewear

I got a pair of the Jem Advanced from a previous sale. I like them decently enough. Unfortunately within weeks both nuts that hold one of the lenses on fell off. So now 1 lens is dangling by the little posts.

Contacted Gunnar support, thinking these are normally quite expensive, they would at least be willing to tell me what I need to replace these nuts. Nope:

Thank you for contacting us.
Unfortunately, the size of our repair parts is proprietary information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.
Kind Regards,
Customer Service

  1. Thats a VERY annoying answer, most especially with the insincere apology. “Sorry to be rude, but…” is always just an excuse to be rude.

  2. Completely understand this if I were asking for the formula to their lenses, or PIC code, chemical componants to their coating, etc.

As I told them in my reply…
“You do realize that I just have to measure them to get that. I just thought it would be a nice opportunity for you to help a customer out rather then inconvenience him. I will be sure to publicize your preference.”

So know that your on your own once you buy these things. They wont even give you the most basic of information to support their faulty products.

You can… just look on their site and they give you that info.

I would love some of these glasses, With school and my gaming I feel these necessary, but I need Rx

If I can get a clear explanation as to how to go about this I will purchase them today. has anyone actually bought from woot then gotten them Rx?

So I buy from woot, then have to send back into gunnars for my Rx?..

I know we’re under the gun to buy these quickly cause stocks are limited… but you should check with gunnar first. They only RX some of their models. There have been people in previous woot sales that bought for that purpose only to be turned down by gunnar because of the model they chose.

Yes its possible, but you have to get the info first. Dont worry too much, they seem to come up fairly frequently here on woot, so theres always next time if you miss this one. Its been at least 3 times since I bought mine.

BTW I just dug through a drawer and found an ancient pair of $15 Maui Jims… they apparently have the low down on those proprietary nuts too. …cause they fit just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d suggest not buying from Woot, unfortunately. Order them directly from Gunnar with an Rx or visit your local optometrist that is Bausch and Lomb certified that can order them. You’re going to save yourself hassle in the long run.

That being said, these things really are nice if you wear contacts, don’t have vision correction, or get them with an Rx. They really do help decrease eye strain and it’s a night/day difference for my eyes and brain when they’re on/off for long sessions at the computer. They actually magnify your vision ever so slightly to compensate for your distance from the monitor, and the tint helps filter out all the right colors to make long stays at the desktop much less headache inducing, especially with low ambient light. I no longer have to crank my monitor’s brightness to 0 at night to survive a gaming session. I have the Groove frames, and they fit pretty well and wrap around the entire eye.

Good product and a must have for anyone that experiences frequent headaches and eye strain at the computer like I do. Also works great for using a tablet/smartphone at night in the dark in bed.

What is the width of this glasses?

Got the emissary model from the last woot sale and they are AWESOME. I was skeptical at first like everyone whether or not they would work, but they make long gaming sessions in front of my laptop so much more comfortable on my eyes. My only problem with them is that it doesn’t cover my whole field of vision but its very minor. Overall great buy.

So… a VERY large portion of the gaming community wears glasses. Has anyone ever given a thought to… CLIP-ON “gamer glasses”??

Id be in for 1 at least if they were available.

You can get the same effect these glasses produce (reduced blue color) by using this free program called F.lux:

Bought a pair of the Wings model a few Woots ago…

I liked em a lot until one of the lenses popped off in my bag on my way to work (I’d definitely put my next pair in a case, rather than the bag that they are shipped with)

Waiting for an response from Gunnar on a possible warranty-covered exchange :confused:

Also, the Wings are a little wider than I would have liked, and made it uncomfortable to wear them with practically any headphones / headset that I own. Would definitely like to check into the width of the next pair I purchase, because I loved wearing them for long hours at work.

That would depend on which model you were looking at.

Thanks for your post. The same thing happened to the JEMs I bought a few months back. The glasses are compltely unusable now.
I think I’ll go to Costco and order a pair of computer vision glasses from them. At least, they have good customer service.

How often do they offer these on here?

YAY! The hipster glasses are back! I’m so glad that Woot can’t seem to sell these things cause we get to see them every week!