Gunnar Optiks Computer & Outdoor Eyewear

So what exactly is the difference between the $189msrp and the $79msrp models?
…Honestly, I prefer the lines of the cheapest one.
Since I spend more time at my desk than at home with my wife, I think eventually these would be a good purchase, regardless of their measure of net effectiveness.

No, wait, don’t get on the aliens’ spaceship with those Gunnar Optiks on. The book…To Serve Man…it’s not a cookbook…it’s a computer gaming guide!

Though not a MMPer, I bought the Emissary specs to stop the eyestrain from work. Mission accomplished. Pimped out Woot to 2 coworkers with the same problem. No feedback yet.

Thinking about MMPing now, to have some fun before SkyNet takes away all the bandwidth.

Have had a pair of these for a little over two months and there is a marked reduction in the amount of eye strain since I started wearing them (starting the first time). Got a coworker to buy a pair and he says the exact same thing. Another coworker is ordering them today. 10/10, 5 Stars, A+, etc.

Two out of two electronic archivists agree that the Gunnar Optiks computer glasses are eyesavers.

will you ever offer gunnar for those who wear glasses? These would be great for computing, possibly night driving… (might decrease incidence of migraines) But alas, if I wore JUST them, I couldn’t see the computer. I’m so blind without my glasses I couldn’t even find the car… In broad daylight…