Gunnar Optiks Gaming/Computer Eyewear

I would get a pair but they don’t come in any type of standard magnification level, i.e. reading glasses. I only wear 1.0 readers and most out there are small, assuming you’re looking down at a book. I need them bigger so I can look straight at my laptop screen.

I have been waiting for these to come back. Thanks woot!

The ones with the dark lenses are new. What are the darker lenses for? Are they just for darker for gaming/computer use in the sun?

The one that I read about said it was optimal for use in an F16. I find it hard to believe you would be allowed to wear these as a pilot.

They appear to be just sunglasses. I wonder if they are polarized?
Edit: Or… for gaming outdoors, on a laptop…? Yeah, I can’t get this at all. I don’t know if there’s a mild prescription on this like regular Gunnars or not.

I guess you can’t get prescription lenses through woot?

Per their Website the sunglasses are optimized for use with LCD screens outside and are polarized.

Good if you need sunglasses and have a hard time using your phone with the ones you have. On the other hand my wife has a pair of DG sunglasses with a gradient on them and I wouldn’t say they are any better than standard sunglasses when it comes to looking at a phone etc.

If you want to change out the lenses for prescription lenses, you need to go through Gunnar or an optometrist.

More info.

Hi DayWalkerSC400. The darker lenses are sunglasses, just in time for the summer. These styles are not polarized and perfect if you view electronic devices outdoors.

Welcome back, vanuary. Would you mind starting by introducing yourself to the wooters?

Sure, HI EVERYONE! I’m the manufacturer rep, I’ll be checking in periodically to see if there are any questions I can help answer and clarify.

DON’T BE SHY! :slight_smile:

I too have been waiting for these to come back.

I am curious I have a little bit of a fat head and usually when wearing sunglasses (I’m lucky enough to have good eyesight, at least that’s what the doc told me 10 years ago when I had my vision checked, and only need sunglasses) I find the arms flex a little outward. Some glasses don’t have the flexibility to do that and it causes the glasses to bend or hurts after a short time. Are these pretty flexible or are they going to squeeze my noggin and give me a headache?

How do I get sizes for these? Thanks

Hi SumDuud. You can view the measurements here:
I would recommend that you go with the frame that has the largest hinge to hinge measurement. Of those four, I personally recommend Midnight because it has a spring hinge allowing the temples to bend outward a bit, providing the most comfort for larger heads.

Okay, I’m going to be the ‘Dumbo’ who asks ‘a dumb question’. At least from within the description of the one pair of these that I did look at, it really didn’t tell me anything at all about what these glasses are really used for, or what they are supposed to do for someone, i.e; what exactly is their MAIN purpose/use, and how, or why are these glasses different from, or any ‘better’ for you than ANY other kind of glasses a person might use?
I guess I just don’t ‘understand them’. I get it that your supposed to use them whenever gaming, or using a computer, but WHY?
Are they just another form of reading glasses, sunglasses, etc, and EXACTLY just WHAT is it that they ‘DO’?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer/s and input!

Hi mattupthehill. You can view the measurements here:

This is a fair question. When you stare at a computer screen (or even tv) for longer time periods, be it for gaming or coding or whatever, your eyes can become strained and it can lead to headaches, but also just fatigue. These glasses are designed to help remove some of that strain from your eyes. I’ve not used them, but have seen some interviews with MLG competitors that were skeptical of them, but after using them, swear by them. I have one of those computer desk jobs and being in my master’s program online, do a bit of computer staring at home and think these might be nice to relieve some eye strain.

Some reviews:

Amazon Reviews

Thanks SumDuud, you hit the nail on the head!
To be more specific, the “fatigue” that people experience at the computer can be (in addition to headaches and migraines): dry eyes, itchy or burning eyes, and blurry vision. GUNNARS help to minimize these symptoms so that you can get through your work day with ease.

I bought a pair of MLGs last fall, to see if they would help. I liked them, but discovered that I really needed a full prescription, not just reading glasses. I have one now, but I’m not sure how to go about sending my glasses off to be fitted for it; my local optometrist is a small operation, and they didn’t have much knowledge or interest in this issue.

Is there a way around this, or should I consider just buying a new pair directly from the Gunnar website using my new prescription info? Would the price come out about the same, either way?

Thank you SumDuud & Vanuary. I appreciated both of your answers. Thanks especially SumDuud for the various links also that you took the time to locate & post.

The size chart is super helpful, thanks for posting that! My face is oval shaped so I tend to lean towards the smaller sized glasses. I’m looking at either the Groove or the Signature…maybe even the anime but not a fan of the 2 color choices. Would you recommend one over the other? And is there a difference between the “Gunnar Optiks Groove Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Espresso” for $42 and the other Grooves for $39 other than the frame color? It almost looks like th espresso ones lenses are less yellow. but maybe thats just me? Recommendations please!