Gunnar Optiks Gaming/Computer Eyewear

Does the Anime Adv - Steel Blue have the correct picture in the woot listing?

It looks dark, maybe like the onyx;
When I google “Anime Steel Blue” I see a much bluer frame.

Just want to make sure I’m ordering what I’m seeing ;-D

Any chance on getting crystalline lenses (ie Sheadog)?

I’ve drooled over any crystallines as they are ideal for people with 20/20 vision. I’d hate to wear even a slight magnification after paying a fortune for lasik, ya know?

Hi bigdmt25. I’m guessing you purchased the MLG Legend from a previous WOOT Sale? If so, you can submit those frames to have GUNNAR prescription lenses put in now that you have your prescription. Please email me at directly for instructions on how to submit your frames with prescription.

I don’t know how bad your vision is, but the MLG Legend frame will only accommodate +3.00 to -6.00 D total power. This means you need to combine your sphere (SPH) with your cylinder (CYL) in order to get a total power for each eye. If your total power falls out side of the +3.00 to -6.00 D then you cannot get a prescription in the MLG Legend frame. Each GUNNAR frame has a different range it will accommodate, so if you do decide to purchase a new frame just make sure that your prescription is within the accommodation.

We have two different lens options for prescription:
$150 - GUNNAR Standard Rx
$250 - Zeiss Premium Rx
You can learn more about the difference Rx lens options here:

Hi justyn8490. There is no difference between the Groove’s beyond frame color. Depending on when that exact style was photographed and the amount of lighting used at the photo shoot, our frames/lenses will appear a little darker/lighter. But they’re all the same shade when you view them in person.
You can’t go wrong between the Anime and Signature. The Anime is a bit smaller, however it has spring hinges which will allow for some wiggle room. The Signature does not spring hinges, but a bit wider to begin with so I think it’s going to come down to the frame color you like most.

Hi addsnakes. This is similar to what I was just explaining to justyn8490. Depending on when the style was photographed and the amount of lighting used at the photo shoot, the frames/lenses sometimes look darker/lighter than they really are. I’d agree with you, the Anime Steel Blue does look a little dark in the WOOT photograph. Here is another photo of the same style where we used a little too much lighting:
The actual product isn’t this shiny (its actually kind of matte) so I would say that the actual product is a mix of both photos.

Hi aaronhenry. Unfortunately, I dont think you’ll ever see our Crystalline styles on WOOT. But all of our indoor eyewear (Amber & Crystalline) has the slight magnification.

Are the magnification for all of the glasses different? I remember reading that there was a .25 magnification.

Just thought i come here and say how much these glasses work. I got a pair about 2 years ago and i wear them all the time when im at the computer and playing video games. I Love them! Best gift i ever got. This is a grate deal on them. i just got 2 more pairs to have around.
I would strongly say get these. Best investment ever if you spend alot of time in front of a computer screen/ TV

Anyone know if these meet ansi specs?

My co-worker bought these a while ago and convinced me to get a pair. I bought the Groove. I actually did notice the difference, my eyes were not as dry at the end of the day. Some of it could be the tinting, but another benefit could have been blocking my eyes from a/c vents and airborne dust.

Sadly, I could never get the nose pads to stop burrowing into my skin and eventually after many attempts at adjusting them, I gave up wearing the glasses. (Note to GUNNAR product development: super-light titanium frames would be a great match.)

However, because I saw the value in the glasses and also because I’m a sucker, I bought a second pair - the e11ven. Maybe the solid plastic bridge will be kinder to my nose.

There are three Edge Advanced glasses listed. Is there any difference? Just looking at them, they appear the same to me.

I have bought Gunnars from their website. I love them. I am an IT Network Engineer. It sure made a difference for my eyes by the end of the day!!

The one in the middle is a different color. It the “espresso” brown color. The other two, as far as I can tell, are the same. I bought one of the non-brown ones earlier!

my eyes have been hurt before, as a developer, I found this glass worked well. hv bought 3 pairs

I’ve had a couple pairs of these for a while now, and when your day consists of watching a screen for 8 hours, with breaks few and far between, these things are a wonder. I generally use the Gem’s for at work, and the PPK (which I don’t think I saw up this time around) for at home/gaming (they’re thinner around the temple/ear, so my headset works better with them)

So, yeah, good prices, and they work for me. I may snag a 3rd pair, just for kicks.

I, too, would love to know the answer to this. None of them look like they do, but it would be awesome if by some chance they did.

I work in a fab and was just looking into getting some new safety glasses, and these would be perfect for both home and work.

Did this link not work for anyone else? I keep getting a “not found” error. I’m split on the decision to buy these. Do the frame arms have a soft piece of material that rests on the skin or is it metal to skin contact? I visited your website and tried searching by head type, but I’m not sure what mine is ( suggestion: you might want to include examples, a simple diagram should work). I have the problem of the frame arms eventually stretching out and becoming too large (wide head). Suggestions?

The link did work for me, once I got home. It is a dropbox link so if you are on a network that blocks dropbox at the firewall, it wouldn’t work for you. On my work network (DOD firewall) it just showed up not working rather than the normal bluecoat firewall denied. Once at home, it worked fine. It gives sizes in mm for the various parts (bridge, nose, temple…)

I picked up a pair of these last night. I’d love to see them before the sale is over to try and possibly pickup another pair, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Too bad my Prime doesn’t carry over to woot shipping. :slight_smile: I’ll have to admit that a large part of ordering was the rep being here and answering questions, thank you for that! I can’t wait to try them out and see if I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Gunnar sale.

I’ve recently had lasik, and prior to that had always had either Crystalline or some other antiglare type protection on my glasses, because I work a desk job infront of computers daily. Since the lasik I’ve really noticed how much I miss them, and have been very intrigued by these. But I have a few questions:

  1. I have VSP, which was always nice for getting great glasses for basically free. Is there a way to use that kind of insurance to get a pair? I’m sure BestBuy & w00t! (where I see Gunnars almost exclusively) don’t take vision insurance… does the website?
  2. I’m basically sold, but the descriptions on these items seem more marketing jibberjabber than informative. The Halogen Outdoor ones claim to be specifically engineered for digital viewing Indoors (are they outdoor or indoors with heavy tint?). What are the varying magnifications on the diff types? And aside from color what is the main diff btwn the Crystalline & Amber tint? By reading through here, I think I’m looking at the Midnight (big head)… but what are the distinctions other than look of the other 134s?

Do the “Gunnar’s” work well as regular sunglasses?