Gunnar Optiks Gaming/Computer Eyewear

These keep coming on as if woot is trying to make me change my mind about changing my mind and not getting them…

Reviews are kinda back and forth, I’m giving them a go as I am a gamer and in the IT field. The basic concept is that we forget to blink because we stare at screens all day; so the contour of the glasses helps to retain that moisture in the eye. More or less some cool glasses to wear and remember to take breaks and blink! =P

Again? Ridiculous already.

I’ve gotten a pair through Woot, and I don’t know that I believe the whole moisture thing. However, they definitely help my eyes relax and I can tell when I’m wearing them (and really wish I had brought them into work this morning). I just think it’s more due to the tint being easier on your eyes than anything else.

I don’t game but stare at a computer all day. I wear them every day at work. Like with driving glasses the mild yellow tint of these help my eyes relax. The very slight magnification is helpful as well. I’m closing in on 50 and just starting to use low powered reading glasses for books. I could see this might be annoying for someone younger…can’t really say though.

My only complaint is the nose pads after 9 hours of work…I find myself removing these glasses every chance I get during the day when I’m not looking at the computer.

I really want to get a full bridge style but they have very few and the only one on Woot! today is already sold out.

I’m sorry, but this is horse crap. We blink just as much when we’re looking at monitors as when we’re not. (It’s not something that you can forget to do, it’s involuntary.) If this were true, then why are they tinted yellow? They could be clear and still retain moisture. Also, they’d have to look like swimmer’s goggles for this to actually work.

The truth is that yellow lenses filter out blue light, which is the most unfocused light. Blue light makes your eyes tired after they’ve been bombarded by it for many hours. Here’s the secret though…it’s not the blue light from your monitor that’s causing your eyes to get tired. (If it were, you could just push some of those buttons on the side of your monitor and change the color balance to be less blue.) It’s the blue that’s coming from the fluorescent bulbs that are over your head all day long at work.

Most people in IT (and R&D, if it’s a software company) that have to sit at their desks staring at a monitor for many hours a day eventually unscrew the fluorescent bulbs that are over their desk (because there’s almost never a light switch). Poof, problem solved. Until HR comes and complains that you can’t do that because “blah blah blah blah blah blah blaaaaaah.” So, then you ask HR to have Maintenance install “daylight bulbs” in your fixtures. Those have very little blue light…they are balanced to be more like sunlight. Ah…sweet bliss. If they’ll do it, that is, as those bulbs are really expensive.

If you can’t do either of these things, then get some yellow-lensed glasses. However, they don’t have to be these $40 deals…get yourself a pair of yellow/amber shooting glasses. You should be able to find them at most stores that sell ammunition for around $6 to $8 (this includes Walmart). Your best bet is to get the ones that fit up close to your eyebrows, because you want to block the fluorescent light coming from above. The lighter the tint the better, because you don’t need sunglasses…you just need a blue filter.

And that’s my summary of 20+ years in IT. Man, I miss the days when we were crammed into a tiny office that actually had a light switch. Everybody that would walk into the office would ask “why are the lights off?” We’d just laugh.

Oh, sweet darkness.

[I don’t get what these do and I own a pair of computer glasses! But mine are prescription. I generally wear progressive lens bifocals and the reading section is at the bottom for reading a book. These glasses are a single lens set to help my eyes at about 2 feet out. They are fantastic!

Is this true? It seems somewhat counterintuitive. Most generic offices are equipped with 3500-kelvin and 4100K fluorescent bulbs. 3500K is considered “neutral” and 4100K is slightly on the bluish side. Daylight bulbs would be in the 5000K, 6500K and 7000K ranges. Seems like if you wanted to lower the blue content then you would switch to 2700K bulbs, right?

This may be true, but I also use these to game at home in a dark room with the only light source being the TV or monitor. Huge difference in eye strain gaming especially playing sport or FPS games that require constant focus.

Also helps at work with that nasty fluorescent glare and tames down the eye strain from having a desk with multiple monitors.

Well worth the price…get two.

My apologies for disappointing you, but the blue light in LED screens bothers me even more than fluorescent lights, and wtih a laptop, it’s not as adjustable. The same goes for mobile devices, which also have LED screens that could stand to be less blue. It may be less of a problem with standard LCD panels, as the LED backlight is more blue. However, I wear my Gunnars every time I use a digital screen, and they always make my day more comfortable, even in the dark or with a plasma television.

Also, Gunnars block out all light outside the visible spectrum, which also helps you focus on the screen better. This is very useful for reading on the computer.

The yellow tint is designed to filter out the blue light to provide more natural color, but Gunnar offers crystalline lenses on their website for designers so they can see the blue that the rest of us don’t need. I intend to buy a pair of these for work because I work in a grocery store with hundreds of fluorescent lights.

So to recap, the filtering out of invisible light helps your eyes focus and reduces strain. The tint is useless if you are able to adjust the color on your monitor, but they are available without tint at the company’s website.

I use RX glasses, do you have any product to wear on top of them?

The actual Gunnar site has where you can get them with your RX lenses.

I’ve got some of these and even with no florescent lights these make a huge difference on eye strain for me.

That’s not true. While the actual blinking is generally involuntary, the rate at which people blink is greatly influenced by the perceived importance of information being received. For example people usually blink around 10 times a minute, but when reading it drops to 3-4 a minute. When playing video games, I would imagine the rate that people blink at drops even lower.

If you’re in a room with a ceiling fan, or any amount of airflow the drying rapidly becomes an issue for contact lens wearers.

Are these zero-power glasses - or we can mention our reading glass Rx power e.g. 2.0 for left eye, 2.25 for right eye when ordering?

I believe this question was asked last time and these are for the standard, slight magnification. I also asked about crystalline lenses and those will not be available either, per the rep.

Yeah, I don’t believe that fluorescent theory for a second either. I’d trust a gamer or avid BD viewer over an IT guys opinions regarding this matter any day. Besides, it’s bad to watch any monitor in complete darkness:

Request to Woot staff to please clarify: Are these zero-power glasses - or “powered”? I mean can we mention our reading glass Rx power e.g. 2.0 for left eye, 2.25 for right eye when ordering? The desc should have been clear on this

Thanks for explaining it. These are being sold on here often, too often.

No thanks. Unless you want to pay for them.