Gunnar Rocket Computer/Gaming Eyewear



Wouldn’t gaming earplugs make more sense so you won’t be interrupted by your mom calling you upstairs for dinner?


Sometimes when I’m playing a video game, my eyes burn and water slightly from looking at the screen. Would these help with that issue?


Why are these? Do you need special window-glass glasses for gaming?


Are these compatible with Google Glass?


Yes, they will make your eyes water and burn a lot more.


Been wanting to try these and the price is right!!


I was just as confused. Apparently they’re well rated on amazon:


Oh yeah, Rockit ya’ll!



what’s the difference between these and the new Google Glass that’s $1475 more???


I checked at First World Problems and Gaming Eye-strain isn’t on the list. (Yet!)


I bought these when they were a special Woot. I use them at work on a regular basis where I spend 8+ hours staring at a screen under florescent lights. Placebo or not, my eyes thank me.


I’d buy these except I need presciption lenses, expensive.


Same here


Maybe you should have checked Stuff White People Like


Now you can play all your favorite games slightly more yellow than before!


To be honest, you notice the yellow (I say “warmer”) color change only for a short amount of time. It seems that the eyes adjust your internal white balance pretty quickly. I’m always shocked at how blue and stark everything is after I take off the glasses.


It’s the fluorescent lights that cause the eyestrain, not the monitors. In our IT department, we used to unscrew most of the overhead bulbs to eliminate the problem. Eventually I worked for another company that thought a dark IT department was “unprofessional”…so we had them install the expensive daylight-spectrum bulbs. Same effect, no eyestrain.