GUNNAR Scope Full Rim Computer Glasses

These are like the GUNNARs I use, they’re a pain in the asset to wear with glasses, if you need glasses get contacts or got the GUNNAR website with your prescription and order the RX GUNNARs. If you like watching dark or playing dark games they help out a lot and I found I have a small advantage to others in the night while wearing these.

I wouldn’t shell out money for another pair as I don’t wear them too much but when I do remember to wear them I say they’re worth it. So just depends. Mainly use 'em for gaming and it cuts down on the backlight but if you wear them for a long time you need to get used to the way things look again without them as they different. Sometimes it makes things look very weird and sometimes these glasses make things look 100% better then without 'em.

Had mine for over a year now and only used them about 3 months (on and off) so if you think you need 'em go for it. If not you’re not going to miss anything.

I found this video helpful:

He is wearing these (and has been for 2 weeks). He reviews while unboxing another Gunnar pair (Phantoms). Anyway, he liked them. I ordered a pair because I use computers a lot and get migranes.