Gunnar Wi-Five Crystalline Lens Glasses

Gunnar Wi-Five Crystalline Lens Glasses
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anyone know if i can put script lenses in these frames? i know they dont come that way but if i bring them in somewhere could thay have script lenses put in them?

Time to learn all about how they work

Dumb question maybe, but why? For a $99 frame? Honestly, if you have a Costco Optical, go there. They have some insanely nice frames for $99 - the one I got has a snap on sunglasses that go with it - it just snaps on via magnetic snaps. The frame was $99, and I want to say another $75 for the auto dark lens (they get dark outside and back to normal inside. Love them.

my costco did not have anything great imo. these remind me of my oakley glasses that just got stolen, yes someone stole my freaking script glasses. people suck. but they are a very similar design and i really liked those but im not spending 200+ on oakley frames again

Reviews over at Amazon

You might be able to figure something out, given that they do sell prescription versions of their glasses.

I use Gunnar RPGs with amber lenses for general computer work and Gunnar Phenoms w/crystalline lenses for my color critical work. Unfortunately, the amber lenses sacrifice color accuracy because they filter out the blue (stress producing) wavelengths. The filtering alters colors enough to negatively impact applications that rely on color accuracy. However, since the clear/crystalline lenses don’t provide that filtering effect, color accuracy is maintained in addition to the other benefits. I love my Gunnars because they absolutely reduce my eye strain during long computer sessions, prevent my eyes from drying out and the slight magnification sharpens objects on-screen! Also, they are extremely well made and the Zeiss lenses are top notch. They may not help everyone but, they sure do me! This is an excellent price for crystalline lenses.

I’m in the process of getting pairs of new eyeglasses after wearing the same old pair for many years. I’ve been in touch with Gunnar reps (regarding fit, Rx, stuff like that) and they seem very friendly and knowledgeable. The short answer to your question is yes, you can get prescriptions lenses. The thing is, the point of computer glasses like these is the tint & coating(s), not the frame. You could buy this frame & have Rx lenses made, but they’d have to have the right AR coating, color tint, and whatever else they do to them to actually have the benefit of computer glasses in the first place. Fortunately, as someone else mentioned you can buy many of Gunnar’s frames with the appropriate lenses made in your Rx. Check this link:

You can also get the same service locally, if someone around you has partnered up with Gunnar to provide their frames with the proper Rx lenses:

So in short, by all means get Rx computer glasses, but get them made directly in your Rx rather than buying these frames from Woot.

Can you, yes. Most of the frames they sell can be broken down but the lens may cost more because of the shape?

If you are really worried about it just go email the company, they will reply if you can or can’t. I had a pair of the yellowed glasses in the same frame.

If you use reading glasses at computer, is there no way to request something like, say 1.5’s in this order?? Seems like that would be a no brainer requirement for something like this…

Just chatted with Gunnar live chat:

9:13:24 AM : AgentVictor: The magnification for our indoor eyewear styles is +0.25.

9:14:13 AM : CustomerBill: hmm… so that is not change-able… for me, i need 1.5’s as i work at the computer, but i have no other eye perscription requirements…

9:15:54 AM : AgentVictor: anything other would need a prescription

9:16:24 AM : CustomerBill: ah… then you do consider “reading glasses” levels prescription…

9:17:43 AM : CustomerBill: woot has a sale on, that i would love to have, but would require 1.5’s to work…

9:17:54 AM : CustomerBill: is there any way to get those glasses, with that rx level at that price?

9:18:59 AM : AgentVictor: Unfortunately we do not price match

9:20:04 AM : AgentVictor: If you need a specific 1.5 then we would consider that as a prescription



Quick question: so if I go for these clear lenses rather than the normal Amber ones (developer here), am I loosing out of the blue (apparently stress reducing) filtering completely? Any developers here using these?

At first glance I thought they were selling wi-fi glasses…not that I have any idea what that might mean, but my first thought was a knock-off google glass. So disappointed they are just plain computer glasses.

what len sizes? like 2.75 for reading?

These work great in new condition. A word of caution, they are very fragile. The frames bend and break with ease. Do not keep them in your pocket in the soft case, do not keep them in a bag with anything else in it. I hate bulky hard cases, but I’d recommend one with Gunnar wire frames.

I am also curious about the eye strain reduction with the clear lenses. By all accounts both clear and amber lenses get great reviews @ the mothership

I’m wearing them right now. I’ve owned an amber tinted type (different, cheaper brand) and you do miss out on some stress relieving qualities. However, these DO make a difference. I use 'em with a 29" screen as a graphic designer and needed some type of protection which I believe these provide. Just don’t wear them 'em doing anything else or you will get a headache. Computer/gaming use only.