Gunnar Wi-Five Crystalline Lens Glasses

that is a bummer. I would love these in a 1.75 for work and home computer use.

If you did that, you would have regular glasses…

Could you not just reduce the blue on your monitor?

bought these a couple weeks ago, when they arrived they had the Amber lenses instead of the Crystalline… :frowning:

hopefully I am able to still return them, I am ordering these with my fingers crossed.

Anyone know if Gunnar offers glasses where the lenses don’t have any magnification at all? I ordered a pair of the “Gunnar Optiks Vayper Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear” a while back. After about 15 minutes of wearing them, I start getting pretty bad eye strain and have to take them off. They sit on a shelf unused now, pretty bummed about it.

I don’t believe they do, at least not in their indoor computer glasses. Their standard +0.25 magnification is the strength they determined would be required to “make up” for or offset the avg. distance between the viewer’s eye and their monitor to maintain visual acuity/sharpness and is therefore incorporated in all of their indoor models.

No, I don’t believe that would help. First, doing so would immediately influence color accuracy which is the major benefit of using the crystalline lenses. Doing so would affect every color that has a blue component such as purple, magenta, etc. Secondly, the blue wavelength the glasses filter is also present in ambient lighting sources such as tungsten and fluorescent lighting.

I use my crystalline glasses for illustration and photo editing and am not a developer, however I have read a fair amount of literature regarding the Zeiss lenses and coatings used in Gunnar glasses. Just take my comments with a grain of salt … as you should from anyone who is not an expert.

The Gunnar lenses use a series of coatings to achieve the benefits they provide. One article indicated they may use as many as 7 different coatings to either combat detrimental wavelengths or provide visual enhancement/acuity. All of the articles did seem to agree however that, apparently, the amber color/coating is the single most effective at filtering out the blue stress producing wavelength(s). Though I guess that’s not to say that some of the other coatings don’t also provide some benefit in blocking stress producing wavelengths, either alone or in combination with the amber coating. My take on it though is only the amber lenses can tout the benefit of “effectively” blocking the stress producing wavelengths.

Gee, will these work with my MAC LOL!

Try looking between your car seat & the transmission tunnel. In my part of the galaxy, it is a black hole for my reading glasses and lottery tickets. If they were stolen, you have my sympathies.

I just got these and I’m very happy I did. Mine don’t have magnification, but they offer it up to 3.0:

Received my crystalline to find they sent me amber glasses, anyone else have this mix up problem? Really needed the clear lens for color when editing.