Gunslick Ultra Box Pistol Cleaning Kit

Gunslick Ultra Box Pistol Cleaning Kit

A pistol cleaning kit with a size = " .22 Caliber Rifle" and 3 cleaning rods…


Per the vendor:

rifles shoot .22, so do pistols

anything that shoots a .22 can use this kit.

Ok. So if I order it and I get this:

Instead of this:

You’ll give me a full refund?

Is the item number 62015 or maybe 62008?

Do you really want to buy from a vendor that doesn’t understand barrel size? I’m sure it’s made from the finest Chinese pot metal & Corona.

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Not really, but if it means woot will refund me and I get free stuff, then it’s worth it. They have a good grasp on barrel caliber, but not length. Just because a rifle and pistol fire the same caliber round doesn’t mean the cleaning kits should be identical. What if I order this for my rifle and I only get 1 rod? That ain’t long enough, woot!

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Use extra care with steel cleaning rods.
They can scratch the barrel & rifling unless you are careful & also inspect the rod for burrs.


Especially if you’re using all 3 rods from your “pistol” kit to clean a 4 inch barrel.

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