GunVault Nanovault200 Nano Storage Safe

GunVault Nanovault200 Nano Storage Safe

Said it before and I’ll say it again. All responsible gun owners should have AT LEAST something like this to store their gun in when it’s not on their person. I’m tried of reading about guns being stolen from cars. Never leave your gun in your car, but if you have to, please use something like this for an added layer of security.


I have one of these in each of my cars. It is mostly made to store a handgun, but it can be used for other thin and valuable items. It is better than leaving your valuables out in the open or in the glove box and should protect against the usual smash and grab.

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You have to leave it in your car when the laws say you can’t carry it with you; otherwise you can’t take it with you at all.

I just drive a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis and I leave trash all over it. When I go in the hood, all the old men have these. No one would even think about robbing me.

Right. For courthouses, post offices, etc… Places with metal detectors. At the very least, you should use something like this to secure it in the car. I have a similar one that I also used in my checked luggage when I traveled via airplane.