GunVault Nanovault200 Nano Storage Safe

GunVault Nanovault200 Nano Storage Safe

Considering the specs, this sure ain’t concealing any weapon for the TSA

What do you mean? I used a very similar safe when I traveled with a handgun in my checked luggage. You just have to tell the person at the counter you have a firearm to declare and they’ll look at it to verify that it is not loaded. (I had my magazine out and had the slide pulled back) You can then lock the safe and put it in your checked bag. They’ll give you a form to put on top of the safe in the bag so that TSA will know it has been verified to not be loaded.

I wrapped the provided cable around the slide-out handle parts inside the bag so someone would have to disassemble the suitcase or break it to steal the safe.

Interior dimensions: 1.5" x 6.25" x 9.25"

You have one of those new flat guns?

And BTW Sherlock, they could just steal your luggage.

Single stack 9mm. Yeah, but they can’t exactly hide a suitcase in their pants.