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GunVault Storage Safes - Your Choice
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Time to check out the product page for the NV100 and the NV200

Watch out for these, easily broken in to as shown at DEFCON 19:

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This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for a good way to make sure my kids can’t just grab my gun shaped cake and play around with it.

Some Reviews over at Home Depot

These look great and very useful, but sadly for some of us, they are not California DOJ approved:

“Specs” tab if it doesn’t take you there automatically.

Can you please post just a link, that maybe mods won’t delete? I’m considering buying three but would like to see the video you’re talking about. I’m not entirely sure which one it is on YT.

Google this:

DEFCON 19: Safe to Armed in Seconds: A Study of Epic Fails of Popular Gun Safes

Although after a quick scan, I did not see either of these products…
They did have a different GunVault safe, with the biometric reader on it.
These can be picked, though, as demonstrated on other safes in the video.

I own and have used the Nanovault NV300 for several years now. The NV300 is the same size as the NV200 sold here but uses the combination lock instead of a key. Here are my personal observations:


  • Fits my S&W full sized semi-auto perfectly plus one extra magazine.
  • Items inside are well protected from damage and will not slide around.
  • Combination lock means I will never lose my key or be unable to get into it if I don’t have my keys with me.
  • Fits perfectly in my center console or under my seat.
  • The local police like it when you at least try to act responsibly.


  • It is not absolutely secure and can still be stolen and opened by a determined thief.
  • If I keep it under my seat it slides around and can become jammed and difficult to retrieve (hence the reason why it’s in the center console).
  • On the NV300 the combination lock numbers are quite small and getting more difficult to see with older eyes.
  • With my pistol inside it has no more room for anything else, such as a wallet, etc.

= Let’s face the fact that this is not what you buy if you are looking for perfect security, but it is good at preventing the quick smash-and-grab thief or keeping the kids out of trouble.
= Consider the thickness carefully as a wheel gun may not fit.
= When you first receive it the interior foam will have a harsh odor. Leaving the vault open outside for 1 or 2 days will let it dissipate.

Hope this helps, even if just a little.

These type boxes by design are not going to be much good at stopping a criminal from getting inside and taking your weapon. That is what a ‘gun safe’ is for. However, these are excellent for preventing small prying hands from getting hold of your weapon and possibly bringing great tragedy. They are also fast opening (for the adult that owns one) and therefore making your weapon accessible quickly if and when needed. Also, as they qualify, these would be great for airline transport. For those that do not know the procedure, ALWAYS contact the airline you are going to be using Before bringing your weapon to the airport/airline to insure you Know all you have to do to comply. Again, they may be calling this thing a ‘gun storage safe’ but they are not ‘gun safes’ and should not be judged against a true safe.

These containers are better than just leaving your firearm out in the open, but only marginally so. The wafer lock can be opened with a paper clip - it’s possibly the easiest kind of lock to open.

I’d rely on the free cable lock that you can get from NSSF before one of these.

I had a NV300, and for some reason, the combo stopped working. I suspect my gun shaped poptart shifted inside it and activated the combo change switch. Thus locking up the safe to a new combo, unaware to me. 3 minutes with a sturdy flathead screwdriver and a hammer, and the lock was popped off. I’ll buy another one of these, only because I want a place to put my poptart when I’m at work and this is better than nothing.

Well said. I own a nano vault with the combo as well as a different manufacture bought here. The nano vault is/feels far batter made. I agree that with a combo you need not fear lose a Key and wish they had those here as well as i would buy 3; but only the nano. Great for a bed side drawer.

And they would be ok for traveling through localities where the firearm needs to be locked up.

Do you have a link to the free cable lock?

I keep a similar brand-named lock box in the trunk of my cars. They cable through the spare tire well and are easily hidden. Although not 100% secure, they are great for those times where I need to temporarily lock my firearm in my car. My state requires a firearm be unloaded and locked in a locked box, in the trunk. If I need to stop someplace where firearms are not allowed (school, post office, etc), this works perfectly. Also good for transportation to and from the range.
Not secure enough for long-term storage of firearms in the home.

I have the NV200 for keeping my Glock in my car, like when I’m in South Carolina. (No reciprocal agreement with Georgia)
Better than leaving it in the glove compartment and this is a great price.
If you want to keep your gun secure but quickly accessible at home check out:

YMMV for availability, and you should be getting a lock with all new retail firearm purchases

Has anyone used one of these in checked luggage?

Should be fine for air travel, but it’s not very big. I recommend a case which will allow locking with padlocks that is large enough to hold ammo, pistol, and mags.

I have one of these and like mentioned, it is light duty. The box is made of thin stamped steel and locks are not reinforced in any way. Just more bent metal. Will keep kids and opportunist hands off your valuables, but a good hard tug on the box will pull the cable right out.